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  • albeeguy albeeguy May 1, 2013 6:04 PM Flag

    I got out of this ERHE smellin like a rose !! I feel blessed !!

    After reading the seminal article about ERHE in the Houston Post so many yrs ago, I was convinced about 6 -7 yrs ago that ERHE would go to $3 a share eventually, so I began buying shares of ERHE. I eventually had a total of 500,000 shares at an average price of 20c a share. Four family members who think I am really smart in investing (I'm not) but they trusted me and insisted on investing in what I invested in, so they also bought about 50,000 shares each, at a price of around 30c a share. So my investment plus all my family members, totalled somewhere around 700,000 shares. AND EVERYONE WAS TRUSTING ME AND ASKING ME CONSTANTLY ABOUT ERHE !! Let me tell you - I felt HUGE pressure, and I will never ever do that again. early 2010 after sitting on ERHE for over 2 yrs, the stock shot up suddenly to 75c a share. I told everyone to hold their horses and we would sell at $1 a share. The next few days ERHE went to 88c and I sold all my 500,000 shares at 86c a share. I then got on the phone to everyone and told them to SELL NOW !!
    Two of the 4 sold immediately and got 84c a share. Tow of the others hesitated and wanted $1 a share. I told them they could do what they wanted to do and they said they wanted to hold for $1, so I hung up. I thought about it, and it was eating at me, so I called them back and told them in no uncertain terms to SELL NOW or I would never talk stocks with them again. One of the two sold immediately and got 82c a share for his 50,000 shares and the other one still held onto his shares. By now ERHE was really dropping fast, so I called the lone holdout again and with 10 mins left before stock market closing time, I finally convinced him to sell and he got his order in and it executed just before closing. He got 78c for his shares. The next day, ERHE opened below 70c and it headed down like a rock. It did have a very brief one day resurgence to 75c before dropping permanently below 50c the next week.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • good story, albeeguy and good you realize you were just as lucky as you were good.

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      • Cadillac -

        I'm not convinced I'm GOOD, but I am convinced I was LUCKY ! I suppose I could just as easily convinced myself to hang in there for the $1 a share price goal I originally set. Had I made the decision to hold on to get the $1 a share price, I would still be holding this tragic stock.

        I recall my thought process, however, and I remember telling myself - DON'T BE SO GREEDY AND HOW MUCH MORE MONEY DO YOU REALLY MAKE IF IT GOES TO $1, COMPARED TO THE HUGE RISK IN SUCH A VOLATILE UNPREDICATABLE STOCK, IF YOU HOLD AND IT GOES DOWN AGAIN. So I pulled the trigger THANK GOD !! And I also pat myself on the back for being so forceful with my relatives, which they thank me for constantly, now. But I do realize it was a blessing to have that thought process when I did because it easily could have not occurred if I had been too busy at work or with some kind of family emergency or some such thing that diverted my attention. the are 100% correct about IHUB. I never posted there, but I did read it once in while and it was immediately clear to me that they only allow hype and pumping there, so I quit reading it even when I owned the stock. In my view, all the HYPE and PUMPING there is why 90% of ERHE investors on that site did not sell ERHE when I did, and they instead held the stock all the way back down to 10c mainly because of all the nonsense on that board !! IHUB is responsible for them losing all their investment in my view - due to the never ending stream of fantasy posted there. Glad I didnt listen to that #$%$ when I owned the stock, or I tragically, might have held it like all of them did.

        ONE QUESTION I WOULD LIKE TO ASK ALL OF THEM OVER ON IHUB (but of course it wouldn't be allowed) - "was 88c a share not enough for you, and if not, can you explain to me why?"