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  • thatdozit thatdozit Feb 27, 2002 1:50 AM Flag


    or return your proxy if you are concerned or disagree with the recent actions taken by the board or directors including the decision to remove Mr. Kopstein as President and CEO of the company and as a member of the board of directors.

    Like him or not, the fact remains that it was Mr. Kopstein who founded OCCF, guided it from a small company to the worlds largest fiber optic manufacture of it's type. It is his knowlege and expertise (not Mr. Wilkin) that developed OCCF's unique fiber application in addition to the invention of the equipment used to manufacture it and it is he who has been the mastermind of its worldwide distribution. It is Mr. Kopstein (not Mr. Wilkin) who has developed relationships throughout the world that have created a demand for OCCF products.

    Shareholders need to understand the key role Mr. Kopstein has played in the companies success and why it is imperative that he remain at it's helm for it's future.

    Mr. Wilkin and the board of directors need at least 50% of the shareholders to register their votes in order to have a quorum at the annual meeting.

    If they are able to establish a quorum the annual report and the slate of directors will be approved.

    This will result in Mr. Wilkin and the board of directors having a free reign to continue on their current course for another year.

    Will the company and it's stock value be able to bear that?

    By witholding your vote, and thus denying them a quorum, the annual report cannot be approved and filed. The board would also be forced to reconsider it's decisions effecting the future direction of the company and submit a slate of directors that is acceptable to the majority of shareholders. This is the most effective way and the only way you can have an immediate impact on the future direction of this company.


    Concerned shareholders should write Mr. Wilkin a personal registered letter stating clearly your concerns and actions you want the board of directors to take. It is imperative that your letter be sent to him before the annual meeting on March 12, 2002.

    You can reach Mr. Wilkin at the following address:

    Optical Cable Corporation
    5290 Concourse Drive
    Roanoke, VA 24019

    Please inform other shareholders of this option. The future of our company is at stake.

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    • It's also a fact he darn near destroyed it with his stupid forays into the stock market with gambled shares and forced the company to cover his behind to the tune of 8 million bucks to buy back his shares. When he pays the money back (which with his brilliance, I am sure it will take no time to do), then we will THINK about letting him back in for ,say, minimum wage.

    • Excellent idea. I dont want any of the newest directors on the board except I dont care if John Holland or Randall Frazier remain. I dont want Neil or his new lawyer croney or even Luke now that I know what I know and I definetely would not even want Ken Harber on there. I was thinking of sending my vote back saying no to all except holland and frazier but would it be better to just not send it back at all? Can anyone respond to this.

    • I can't believe you love Kopstein so much. Sure he built the company, but he ignored the securities laws and is the reason the co. is in the Sh!thole that Wilkin et al. are trying to shovel out of. Doesn't mean we can't have doubts re. current management, but Boob created the entire mess.

    • All,

      Do you really believe that bringing back Mr. Kopstein into a key management position again would give a REAL FEEL of comfort to any potential creditor?

      I don't think so. This is just my view.

      Don't forget the fact, Mr. Kopstein destroyed the trust the creditors had in the OCCF management giving it a line of credit of $15 million.

      Mr. Kopstein is a very high risk taker. Just to have his personal benefits, he gambled the whole company as well as other people's money.

      No matter, how good of an engineer or a optical business man he is. The integerity is the most important asset a professional has. Guess what, unfortunately, Mr. Kopstein has lost it!

      Do you really want to bring this person back who has lost that integrity and the trust of other people including his own employees into power again?

      Think again... rationally not emotinally before you all decide!

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      • Well why the hell not bring Kopstein back? The new management is just as underhanded by not letting us know one single thing that is going on. We've got people riding by the plant at 3 a.m. just to see if there are cars in the parking lot. for gods sake. i have more faith in this company with bob at the helm. i honestly believe that without him the company will not survive. mark my words. write this post# down so you will remember when it was said. and by the way. is bob really that bad since everybody on this message board is greedy in their own way or they wouldnt be involved in the stock market at all. Im sick of not hearing anything about the company. I hope Bob makes it back in and gets rid of all of those that screwed him over. And if not then I hope one day Bob starts another company and runs Optical into the ground as the new competition. Thats just my take. I was pissed at Bob and now Im pissed at the rest. So why not him instead of them. What's really the difference? Except for the fact that he has the knowledge and the rest have not a clue.

    • a "No" vote is better than a lack of quorom. I will turn in my "No" vote as long as the Poison Pill remains standing as a security barrier behind which Wilkin and Kopstein seek refuge in their lack of sense of accountability to anybody.

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      • While I appreciate your intention of registering a "no" vote, please understand that a "no" vote will have no effect on the outcome of the approval of the annual report or the slate of directors and will not provide the "security barrier" you are looking for. Every shareholder could vote "no" and the board of directors can and will ignore them. All they are interested in is that you register a vote. By obtaining at least 50% of the shareholders votes whether it is a "yes" or a "no" vote gives them a quorum and as the result they will go ahead with their plans including the new slate of directors. By not involving Mr. Kopstein in the decisions and operations of this company is the ultimate "poison pill" we must avoid. To think otherwise indicates you do not understand OCCF, its operations and the significant role he had in it's success not only now but for the future. I do wish you well and would welcome any opportunity to discuss this with you further. Thanks

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