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  • doubledownposse doubledownposse Oct 18, 2002 6:41 PM Flag

    Not much risk

    is there anybody out there?

    I bought a few hundred of this one today because it looks like it has a good chance of a decent return with very little capital risk. I listened to the latest conference call and these guys seem to have their act together. No BS.

    Anybody got any opinions?

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    • I am here and still bullish on this stock which is one of my biggest positions. You are the first person to post on flxs's board since my last post in April. The latest quarter was good. I am hoping Value Line raises its timeliness rating for flxs to 2. That may bring around some buyers. FLXS pays no fees so there are no investment bankers or analysts buzzing around it telling lies and pumping it up. It is a good company that sticks to its business, makes money, does its accounting soundly and pays dividends. Someday somebody besides me will notice. Glad to have you on board.

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      • Well believe it or not there is safety in numbers, there are 2 investors in this company!

        For investing most of my money, I like boring companies, and this company is as boring as they come. The stock really should have a natural floor near where it is now because you could liquidate this thing completely tomorrow for pretty close to what it is trading.

        I can sit around and make around 4% while I wait for upside, yes it has some risk, but not much as near as I can tell. How much upside do you think it has? I don't think $20 is unreasonable within 18-24 months. I think about 50% appreciation and 2 years of dividends are possible, that's pretty good for low risk. If it sits here, well that is just the breaks I guess. What are you thinking?

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