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Flexsteel Industries Inc. Message Board

  • pmlljl pmlljl Dec 7, 2004 5:33 PM Flag

    Flexsteel message board

    Would it be possible for you disgruntled people from that near bankrupt company to find another board to use for your arguments? I personally do not appreciate your hijacking FLXS's board.

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    • Mikey/Michaela: You sure sound like a tough guy on your computer! I bet you want to beat me up and half the world besides. But my guess is that it is all an act.

      I bet that you are really a cross-dressing tranny who can't decide what color of undies to wear. Should you wear your effeminate pink or you bull-dyke black? Decisions, decisions. Perhaps you could ask one of your many secretaries, who do you spell checking, for her opinion.

      Now then, regarding furniture companies. When was the last time your wonderful Falcon-Shelby, or whatever, paid a dividend to its shareholders? How many consecutive years has it paid dividends? What was its total return last year? What was its total return for the last ten years?

      Are you an officer at Falcon? Are you responsible for its miserable performance and desperate condition. It wouldn't surprise me. Certainly an ignorant, blow-hard like you has the ability to destroy a company.

      Mikey, I don't really have a problem with you. I just want you and your obnoxious, arrogant behavior to go away and return FLXS's message board to its calm and sedate condition that existed before it was invaded by aliens like you.

      Buzz off!

    • Now that's funny. Guess I really pinched a nerve in my last message to you. So sorry.

      I think maybe you and pmjll ought to have tea together. Maybe plan an Avon party or a trip to the mall. I bet that would excite the hell out of you two fellows.

      I think there are at least a few people reading this board who don't look at my messages as "venting". I've actually got quite a few request for my opinion. Havn't seen anybody requesting yours. You see I just don't like people who lie, insult others without provacation or bs alot. You fit right into this category of person.

      It seems that the only thing you have done in your message is "vent" so I'm guessing you don't mind me calling you a hypocrite. Expecially because that is what you are. You've exposed yourself one more time.

      So save your reply lady. I've read enough of your bs. Call up frankie or your momma and tell on me. You'll feel much better.

      If you and the other momma's boy don't like what I write, all you have to do is click on the "Ignore this User" button. It doesn't take a whole lot of brains to figure this out. I guess you two just arn't smart enough. Either that or you like reading me. I am putting both of you on "Ignore". You have nothing of interest to say.

      Mike Portz

      PS Oh yeah, I'm sorry I missed your phone calls. I guess you forgot to leave a message.

    • fuck you and flexsteel. If you don't want us to use this message board than go get delisted. And also take the crahans' and shove them up your ass.

      when my associates drs. Zoloft, paralysis, and pacel get on this line and let you have it, don't think that's the worst. For you ass of america haven't been exposed to clear cut crystal nor falcon and the snow man yet.

      what part of fuck didn't you understand?

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      • Dr. Sicko,

        Get a grip on yourself. I don't like this self-centered butthole either. But you don't have to write like a drunk or drug addict to get your point across.

        The guy that requested we get off, well he has major happiness problems. Sounds like neither him nor you like yourselves much. I think the other guy is probably a janitor at Flexsteel. He certainly is nobody that anybody at Flexsteel or fcp give a damn about.

        Mike Ports got the point across to this powerless punk quite well. He left him his phone number. If your gonna talk so tough, and have any guts, you ought to leave your phone number for the guy. Otherwise your just as big of zero as he is.

        If you didn't have a heart attack last night after your posting, try to mellow out. Your gonna die if you let trivial people like this moron get to you.

        The Stackman

    • pmmljl,

      Anything is possible and we aim to accomodate. For the record most of the fcp people posting are ex-long time SW employees who left after frankie the fool began his distruction of the company, family members of these employees, ex-customers, stock or bondholders and people researching investments. Not disgruntled employees as you so arrogantly and confortationally discribed.

      I did notice that the "Flexsteel" sight is a beehive of activity and wealth of information. I could tell by the 17 "post" it has received since last March. I noticed that approx. 23% (4) of these post were by yourself pmlljl or whatever your nonsensical idenity is. You also made the last post on the board way back on 8 Sept. Oh yeah that was 2004.

      FYI, Shelby Williams, a company bought by fcp, was, since the early 1970's, the most successful and largest solely hospitality seating manufacturer in the history of this planet. Of course I would think that you are well aware of the fact that during these same years Flexsteel failed everytime it had entered the hospitality industry with the exception of the most recent by Mr. Kevin (Your Founders Grandson) and the very capable Mr. Fred Maloey (formerly of Shelby Williams). But still Fred and Kevin have never come close to equaling the success enjoyed by Shelby Williams. So when you say "that near bankrupt company" you are being a bit deceitful and showing many that your overall knowledge of the furniture industry is quite miniscule.

      The way you have stated your request appears petty and small. Maybe your jealous at the number of post. It makes you seem like a control freak who has never been in control of anything. I for one could care less if we post on, what is seems, you think is a site you own. The VIR site was fine.

      It is your attitude that offends me! I would personally advice the rest of the fcp posters to ignore your request if they chose. You seem to be a total nothing. If you are in a position of authority tell us who you are. If FLEXSTEEL wants us off their site, no problem. But I think it should come from a current company executive or board member who names themselves. Someone like Kevin. At least someone who is polite enough to state why they "do not appreciate" our temporary use of a seldom used site. A site that we want to use only temporarily.

      I personally wouldn't ever do anything asked by a person as rude and self-centered as you.

      I guess to sum it up I'm asking you, who the hell do you think you are! King of the world?

      Please be so kind to tell Mr. Kevin that Mike Portz says Howdy!

      Mike Portz
      (702) 362-9191
      Cell (702) 501-9551
      Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss this further.

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      • Dear Mike: You really need to get a grip on reality. Regarding your evaluation of furniture companies, I would only point out that FLXS is still in business, making money and paying dividends while the company you say was so great doesn't even have a message board any more. If they were so great you wouldn't be posting on my board and I wouldn't be exposed to your vile rantings full of misspelled words, foul language and poor reasoning.

        The merits of this board are not determined by the volume of posts but the quality of them and their applicability to FLXS.

        If you and your cohorts would simply find another board to post your drivel on I would be happy.

        Please don't let any venom from your fangs drip on an open sore because it could be fatal.


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