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  • pmlljl pmlljl Dec 8, 2004 4:46 PM Flag

    Flexsteel message board

    Dear Mike: You really need to get a grip on reality. Regarding your evaluation of furniture companies, I would only point out that FLXS is still in business, making money and paying dividends while the company you say was so great doesn't even have a message board any more. If they were so great you wouldn't be posting on my board and I wouldn't be exposed to your vile rantings full of misspelled words, foul language and poor reasoning.

    The merits of this board are not determined by the volume of posts but the quality of them and their applicability to FLXS.

    If you and your cohorts would simply find another board to post your drivel on I would be happy.

    Please don't let any venom from your fangs drip on an open sore because it could be fatal.


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    • I believe that it is you that has the problem. Mike Ports has more brains in his finger nail climpings than you do in your whole body.

    • Dear pmlljl (Nobody),

      No one cares what you have to say. You must have noticed. Your family, co-workers, associates, teammates, etc, etc. know you are nothing. This has been going on all your life, hasn't it.

      I'm really glad I touched one your your nerves. Boy it's easy to see you are infuriated. Nobody cares about that either. Are you a spoiled Momma's boy?

      Judging by the quanitity of post on this board, I guess nobody cares much about FLEXSTEEL right now. It sure doesn't seem like a hot ticket. It does seem to be your entire life. Must be loads of fun. Maybe other FLEXSTEEL PEOPLE don't post because they know you'll respond.

      If you think your post have any "quality" about them , you "really need to get a grip on reality?. Or a couple of pshychiatrists.

      It's been about 3 1/2 weeks since you told us to get off mouthboy. When you going to back up your anonymous cowardly comments. Give me a phone call. It would sure be fun for me.

      I think "swavigjoe's" line about "trading insults with you is like dueling with an unarmed man" is really accurate in describing my reply to your quite boring post.

      Sorry about the "foul language", however you really seem to be eating a diet that requires oral digestion of very moldy human excrement. It's said "you are what you eat". I guess that explains your "poor reasoning".

      Finally, comparing a successful residential furniture company to a "has been" hospitality company is about as close as you came to making sence. None. I compared a successful hospitality company to a hospitality company who has only envied the others success. By the way Mr. Kevin Crahns (your hospitality VP) told me that the two hospitality seating furniture companies that he admired most were Shelby Williams and Charter in that order. These are the companies your hosptality division are being patterned after. You are truly a nobody and neverbeen so I advise you to leave me alone. I will pay you the same respect. If you seek trouble, I'll try to accomodate you.

      Shelby people, please forgive this moron. He is not representative of typical FLEXSTEEL PEOPLE. He's sooo_____ stupid he even insults their customers. I guess he's their version of breyin 01, 05, falcongirl, bigraider al, drdemeted. NOBODY CARES WHAT THEY SAY!! Think this guy's the owners son?

      I think my venon penitrated and ate you up. Go find a chat room.

      Laughing at you,
      Mike Portz

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      • mikey, mikey, mikey: Where have you been. I thought you didn't care enough to write back. It is obvious that you didn't get "spell check" for Christmas. It sounds like you haven't been going to your anger management classes either! Naughty boy!

        The truth is, I have no connection to Flexsteel except that I used to own shares in it. I sold all of my shares last year, and you'll be glad to know, I made a ton of money.

        I only read this message board to try to keep up on the company's investment merits. There is not much good information on any message board, including this one, even in normal times. But now that you neanderthals from Falcon have invaded this board we dignified FLXS people have to wade through your foul language, muck and mire just to see if there is any news on a real furniture company.

        Mike, your mental condition is such that I have to recommend a long vacation on the beaches of Thailand. When you get there I will be hoping for a very strong aftershock and a big tsunami just for you. Lets feed the sharks.

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