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  • order_entry_calling order_entry_calling Jan 18, 2005 4:11 PM Flag


    As you all know that business has not and will not pickup. Orders are slow to come. If the money lenders think they will exchange debt for equity and everything will be hunky-dori, I suggest they look at backlog and orders coming in, and needless to say profits. Profits something Frank was never concerned about. With him the game is borrowing.

    And to you money lenders, don't you just feel like a bunch of jerks not doing your homework who you are lending to. We small people when we go to the market count our return change to make sure we get it all back, but guess you people just go too much money and could care less how you throw it away.

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    • order entry calling: I like your comments about the money lenders.

      One possible factor in their behavior is that it may not be their own money they were lending. Maybe they are getting paid for how many loans they make.

      Nevertheless, their decision, in this case, was terrible!

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      • Anyone have a take on the bottom line? With stock at 7 or 8 cents a share, it's looking bad. What are chances of keeping the operation going? If, according to the "order entry" person, orders are down and there's no backlog... how will they beat the bushes for sales??? With no vendors willing to send supplies to make the products, it won't work. Has the St. Louis bunch pretty much been banished from M'town and Newport?????

        Let's hear first hand from someone inside the building.... where do you go from here??

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