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  • pmlljl pmlljl Jan 18, 2005 4:35 PM Flag


    order entry calling: I like your comments about the money lenders.

    One possible factor in their behavior is that it may not be their own money they were lending. Maybe they are getting paid for how many loans they make.

    Nevertheless, their decision, in this case, was terrible!

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    • Anyone have a take on the bottom line? With stock at 7 or 8 cents a share, it's looking bad. What are chances of keeping the operation going? If, according to the "order entry" person, orders are down and there's no backlog... how will they beat the bushes for sales??? With no vendors willing to send supplies to make the products, it won't work. Has the St. Louis bunch pretty much been banished from M'town and Newport?????

      Let's hear first hand from someone inside the building.... where do you go from here??

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      • Sherm, first of all it shows how the money lenders are so imcompetent that with Frank's reputation they just keep throwing money at him. If it was the L&L's own money they were giving Frank they would be counting it like the person on the last post.

        Look let's take a hard look at the hospitality and Lodging industry. Of course we all know anyone can get together and make sofas, import rattan, import chairs and import stack chairs. Also in alll of those catagories right here in the states are fine manufacuturers. Shelby Williams due to firing and employees leaving is no longer the Shelby of Manny Steinfeld. All of our competitors are busy. What does that tell you. Falcon was never a prime company in the office or the hospitality trade.

        Now for incoming orders, we all know they are very slow with very high discounts so Frank can show the financial community that he is doinig business. But at what cost is he doing business? It is at the cost of profits which Frank never concerned himself with.

        He claims slow demand because of everything but no body wants his products. Sales are not falling off because of the economy, sales are fallong off becuase of Frank's and Steve's business model.

        The jerk from Standard and Poors who said Falcon is a well runned company, and the idiots that loaned Frank so much money, are illustrations of the imcompetent people who run the capitalistic system. No wonder Frank has gone so far when their are so many like him!

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