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  • mportz2000 mportz2000 Feb 2, 2005 12:45 AM Flag

    Where are you michael the moron.

    Gutless punk,

    Where are you? Nobody cares but I couldn't help rubbing it in. Your lack of messages is without doubt proof of you idiocy, cowardness, lack of business savy, and the many more character defects and lack of human values you inherited or were taught by the sub-human man who is your father. Every poster, or people who read your post, know what you don't. I truly pity you. You didn't have a chance. At 28 or 29 your life from here on out will get worse or worse. The fact is you do not have any clue what it is to be a decent, hard working man who cares about others. You, like frankie the fool deserve the worst unless you can turn your life around completely and become true to the goodness of a higher power who is much, much greater then yourselves. You are very sad individuals who probably have never known true hapiness or ever will. By the way the choice is yours, not frankie the fools. Now is the time to leave your life of denial.

    It's not your lack of business skills that make people detest you . It your lack of caring about others. Your whole attitude.

    Don't think I'm going soft for unless you change and I do run into you, your ass is mine punk. You have offended and hurt many good people who I care about. Test me!!!

    I must admit I feel kinda evil for taking so much enjoyment in toying with you. Exposing who you were was a delight. It was all very easy. I have never been so rude and mean to one person in my entire life. You just deserve being put in your proper place! If you have one iota of guts or a small piece of manhood you will call me.

    Mike Portz

    (702) 362-9191

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    • Who, exactly, is this message addressed to?

      You need some prozac.

      • 3 Replies to pmlljl
      • Ohh, stop!! You guys have had me laughing so hard I'm ready to pee myself!!!! Sorry.... Mr pmlljl or whateverthe hell your name is; theh "Moron" is Michael Jacobs.....the misplaced sperm sample of Frank Jacobs.... who for a while tortured Mike Portz on the message boards under the name of Breyne-or Bryene, soemthing like that. They battled wits back and forth, and the Breyne guy was so disgustingly nasty that people complained and he was gone for a while. I mean....the guy would have made Michael Jackson happier than a naked 3 year old boy!!!! Anyway, he's disappeared, and nobody cares, because he's probably hiding on the desert island that he and Frank plan on hiding out on to keep the Feds from busting their butts and putting them in prison cells with Big JOhnson and The Cracker Hacker.

        Prozac would be the last thing Michael J. would take....I think he's more into the Ecstasy, Coke, Heroine, Crack and Smack.....that kinda stuff. Mike Portz in Las Vegas seems to either have run with him at one time, or had a bad run-in with him.

        Just trying to fill you in. So, what does anyone think will happen to Shelby or Falcon/Newport? Nothing ----AGAIN?

      • He is addressing Michael Jacobs -- Frank's son. He isn't happy unless he's being combative and argumentative with people. I think that's why he's been so quiet one to "fight" with on the posting board. I will be his next victim- guaranteed. He is a very knowledgeable and intelligent person, but does seem to enjoy confrontation.

        By the way, Fred Melloy is home and is fine. He did not have a "severe heart" attack. His heartbeat was irregular, but has been corrected, and he is doing okay.

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