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  • trish2earth trish2earth Feb 20, 2005 7:25 PM Flag

    to mike the putz

    haven't you had enough yet? No body cares what you want to say. Leave these poor people alone. They have nothing to do with Falcon. The only comparison is "F" from the word Flexsteel. Are you so bitter with your life that you actually think people may care what it is you want to say. I told you a year ago and will say it again today: GET A REAL JOB.

    Have you ever worked for Falcon? What harm did they cause you other than letting your girlfreind go.

    I bet your mom is really proud of the rest of us who have to put up with your crap, I can bet everyone feels the same as I do. You give me the same pleasure as when I shit in the commode and flush it away. You are like a really, really bad case of diarreah.

    Try getting off line and having sex with your girlfriend (unless you are still in the closet) this may help relieve some of the stress you are feeling.

    Write a may be a best seller & than you can buy Falcon with all of your earnings and run it deeper into the ground than Shelby did.

    Grow up....go where someone really cares: HELL!!!!

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    • trish2earth: How did you like Mike's response to your message? Isn't he a charming person?
      I would say that he doesn't take advice/criticism well.

      I would like to remark on two facets of your message to Mike. I find it hard to believe that any woman would want to be with him. Maybe that was his inflatable doll you saw him with.

      Please don't encourage him to have sex with any woman. A child could result and it wouldn't be fair for any innocent child to have Mike as father. Even worse is that any children could grow up to be as disagreeable as Mike. A probability too horrendous to contemplate.

      • 1 Reply to pmlljl
      • Dear Pmlljl

        I feel that mike is in a state of rejection. Sharon must not treat him well. Unlike Mike, I am down here on earth....and yes my head is outside of my ass whereas Mike's has swallowed him.

        I believe that this man is a rude, low-life example of human flesh that really needs to move on.

        Message readers I can only apologize to you on Mike's behalf. The only dealing that he has actually had with Falcon is his girlfriend Sharon who was employed & let go. It is amazing that we never hear from her....could she still be locked up in the basement bound by his embarrassment?

        Mike what is that Falcon has ever done personally to you that has caused this bitter attitude?

        I also have my own business, I spend my days analysing pyschopaths like you. Does your business consist of messing with the Falcon/Shelby employees or do you actually work? In my many years of being a dr of psychology I have seen many like you. You are the only one who can help yourself. Seek professional assistance. Your company should offer a good health plan to allow this.

        God loves you Mike...visit with him, open your heart, let the love shine in.

        Your are a disaster waiting to happen. Get help before you lose Sharon and/or hurt some innocent person.

    • From how I remember you when you posted on the Shelby Board, the same type of idiotic statements you have made here. Other people ran you off the board with insults because of your idiotic posts. It seems like your a lonesome loser who attacks people because you can't stand yourself. You again have contributed nothing. Just to set it straight bimbo, many, many people have asked for my opinion on the Shelby board and your well aware of it as is anyone who follows that board.

      My mom is very proud of me. I bet your mom isn't proud of you. Either that or she is like you. She taught you how to be a slut mouth. Bet she's obese to.

      I remember your messages about 6 months ago on the board. I don't need a job. Unlike you I own my business. I make a lot of money. I could retire without it but the money is to good. Other people say I'm very good at what I do. In fact most of the leaders of Las Vegas hospitality firms occasionly call me for advice. I have a lot of recreation in my life. Seems like your the one who should "get a job". I'd bet your unemployable.

      Trish you are a loser. Same class as michael jacobs, pmljll, cancer sickness and a few others. Seems like you have a lonely life and are obsessed with the sex life you don't have. Your frustration kinda indicates you are are a porker. Yu certainly write like a pig. Very obese and blame all of your troubles on some one else. My friend said you write like your "in the middle of a g_lde_ sh_w_r.Your own.

      I have heard that pmljll and cancersickness have posted another couple of "say nothing" messages and displayed their continual hypocrasy. It is great to know that I really get under the skin of these two and all those that are in the same catagory of yourself. It's obvious that the old adage "the truth hurts" is aphrapoe to the three of you.

      So really trish, get a life, a decent job, and come down of of the planet your brain resides in. You know, Ur anus.

      Enjoy your self sex.
      Mike Portz

      Just like the Shelby board, you said nothing. Hope it made you feel powerful!!!!! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!

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