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  • boxersmainly boxersmainly May 23, 2005 3:33 PM Flag


    @13.85. See what happens.

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    • If I let a guy like him get to me like he thinks he does, I would need to be committed.

    • I have been following this travesty for a few days now, and I must say SOMEONE NEEDS TO LOCK THAT GUY UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What in the heck makes a person rant and rave on EVERYONE who posts a message on a board that he has not one iota of interest in???????

      Well, no matter. I just give you folks credit for not "losing it" totally over this guy. Peace.

    • Considering that you continue to come onto a board in which you have no interest, who is the sicko?

    • Hey dummy,

      All you have to do is use "Ignore the User" if your not interested. Bet you can't figure it out.

      Never have had any need to be a date rapist. It seems to be on the top of your mind. Is it annother one of those wannabee things with you Senor Sicko.

      You seem like the type of guy who never had the guts to ask a girl out. Have you ever been on a date. Your social skills appear to be non existant.

      Pushed your button again. It's so easy.

      Mike Portz

    • I am sure in your younger days you were a date rapist - you don't seem to get it that no one is interested.

    • No I don't think you resident morons listen to mine or anyone elses opinion. Probably why there is only two of you on this board. In your case it's why your working an 1:00AM. Adds up to loser.

      I come on soley because you two are shitty people. The type of people you are, is a major reason what's wrong with this country. Selfish, self-centered, lying, cowardly, illiterate, lazy and totally self serving. I know I irritate the hell out of both of you or you would not respond with your ridiculous and say-nothing post.

      You are a break in my day. If your arguing with people you are not doing your job no matter what it may be. If your reasoning with them and using your wits, not deceit, you are doing a decent job. I think that arguing is your mentality. No wonder your so lonely. Good negotiation is the art of telling the truth attractively. Not argueing. Your one sad case.

      If this is the best way you can get comic relief, well that speaks for itself. Your certainly not the sharpest arrow in the quiver.

      Mike Portz

    • Mike, you are really pathetically funny. THAT is why I keep reading.

      I argue with people about things that matter all day long for a living. You are 2 mins of comic relief on a stressful day. Do you really think that your opinion matters to me or anyone else on this board? I am just sick of your bullying, otherwise I wouldn't respond at all.

    • Three reasons you won't call.

      1. Your stupid. You know that your way out of your league.

      2. You know you cannot back up anything you say. Nothing! Your total poppycock.

      3. You lack courage of any type. About the only thing you can do is hide behind your computer and dream people believe anything you say. That's exactly why you are enamaored with pmjlill. Peas in a pod.

      By the way if you look hard on this board you just might find an "Ignore this User Button".
      Don't be afraid to use it. That is unless you enjoy reading my post. It sure is funny your alter ego pmjlill never used it for me.He must enjoy my post also.

      Enjoy your life of boredom and fear

      Mike Portz

      PS I bet you do have thousands of roll over minutes. I mean not only does no one want to speak with you, you simply have no friends to call. Hit the nail on the head again didn't I.

    • I have thousands of unused minutes on my calling plan every month and I would not waste even one calling you. Why would I waste my time listening to you? Reading what you write is bad enough and even that will not continue much longer.

    • Queen of Shallow Minds,

      I just find you a total Zero with no character. You also are a dolt at best. You are self-centered and stingy. It is great to torment you and your alter ego, pmjlill.

      By the way, megalomania was a very poor choice of words. Of course you definetly have communication problems. Not as many as your investing problems. Bottom line is your on the lower end of the intelligence curve.

      Please call me.

      Mike Portz
      (702) 362-9191

      PS Your late hour job and your lack of common sense lead me to believe your probably a security guard.

      Just love to push your button.

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