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  • laura_axeen laura_axeen Nov 15, 2011 7:01 PM Flag

    Revenue once again....

    Anyone would be foolish to believe they are smarter than this CEO. Really...he got out of panamax and cross continent businesses at the perfect time. Now complaints come on earnings. Why? ULTR shifted their focus on perfect businesses that actually are growing in revenue. Wow, what a concept. Revenue growth is what they are actually achieving! Don't you think this CEO realizes what he has to do to make earnings happen? I do! Maybe if I had da breeze in my ears like someone else I would think I can run this company better...but I don't. Therefore you have to have an understanding that this CEO knows what he is doing. My guess is he knows when rates can be increased not to affect revenue! Meaning...revenue is true growth of a company and you can eventually use it to raise earnings.

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    • "...revenue is true growth of a company and you can eventually use it to raise earnings." laura_axeen

      Fine, Laura. Try this:

      Almost everybody likes ice cream, so open an ice cream shop and charge $1 for each large order. Folks will flock to your shop. You will do 10 times the business of your competitors. Revenue, revenue, revenue will pour into your shop.

      Until you go broke because you cannot cover the cost of labor, debt, materials, and overhead.

      You argue that ULTR is playing everything (!) perfectly, they always have, and they always will. Because the CEO is smart. Fine. Questions: Why has the share price dropped from over $7 to $3 since December '10? I mean, if everything is just ducky, why has the stock dropped like an anchor? Because millions of people around the world are stupid and can't recognize genius when they see it?

      Idiots. Why can't they look beyond the company's lowered EBITDA guidance, customers backing out of contracts, whopping earnings misses, ballooning expenses, pitiful market cap, and debt horizon to see the brilliance of ULTR's CEO?

      I dunno. Maybe because people expect improvement in financial metrics rather than degradation? But that's soooo 20th century it's just silly!

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      • What? Customers backing out of contracts? I guess that's why all the revenue increases. You have more than "da breeze" between your ears....more like a hurricane. Revenue increases tell me we are growing in sales and everyone is buying Ultrapetrol's shipping capabilities. And, the more revenue...which you can argue as market share...allows for a company to become larger in its markets. What comes next is earnings. Any thoughts on why the 20 mil share repurchase ends in April next year? My guess is that is when you will see earnings becoming visible and share price go up significantly. Until then, they have an opportunity to steal shares legally. Have another ice "cone head". :)

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    • I wouldn't be surprised if you were Felipe Menendez himself in disguise.

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