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  • yerger1 yerger1 Mar 9, 2012 3:04 PM Flag

    Death by 1000 cuts

    This just keeps dropping by alittle every day it seems.Never anything good from pr releases(non-existant)to stem the flow.Just another qtr of crossed fingers till earnings announcement.Oh well,just thought I would throw that out there and see if anybody is still around.

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    • ULTR has trained me to be pessimistic, so here are two downside speculations for the upcoming earnings call:

      This quarter they'll blame Argentine unions for underperformance in the barge biz.


      They won't blame anyone, but UP Jade and/or UP Amber earned little if anything in the quarter (if they have even arrived yet).

      BUT, as always, they will waste everyone's time again with Petrobras' projected spending and USDA crop estimates. Some things you can rely on with this company.

      Would be interested to hear flipside projections from Laura (not predicting that management is just dreamy, but something like EPS will be x, or barge traffic will be y, or EBITDA will be z). You know, enumeration rather than exuberation.

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      • UP Jade should be out earnings its keep by now...they expected delivery at the end of 2011, right? I keep going to and searching for UP Jade but it isn't showing up...which isn't a good sign. Most of its other PSVs and the container ships show up when I search for them.

        I can't believe they didn't PR anything since the last earnings report in mid-November...unless there was no good news to report, which might be the case...meaning UP Jade isn't chartered yet, they got nothing from the arbitration, remaining PSVs are delayed delayed delayed (almost a given). I'm excited for Thursday evening!

    • Earnings out next Thursday evening...can you hold up until then?

      I just want to see some positive cash flow in Q4...I might throw a party if that happens...we don't need to build up receivables anymore than they already are.

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