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  • laura_axeen laura_axeen Mar 13, 2012 9:29 PM Flag

    No predictions needed...

    ULTR can make barges at a rate of over 100 per year. The earn 250,000 per barge. What does that come out to per share? Whether they keep them and they become assets or whether they sell them and it becomes earnings. This is just a percentage of their businesses going forward. The life of their OSV's they have far outweigh the debts they have on them. Really....their day rates they have on these will continue to prevail well beyond after the debts they have on them.

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    • would you address cash flow and the need for cash to run the business is it not letting low?

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      • With revenue growth like ULTR and their ablility to have dependence on 3 legs of a 3 legged stool in an environment such as Brazil...they know how to handle their cash flow. Its the middle of March...they already know what cash to spend or put against last year. In other words...they know the quarters to come will raise their cash flow to pay for anything they need. I have no problem with earnings...its what rates they get for their current assets snd future assets...that matters. Conference call should be very enlightening for their future. Their strong hold is intact and their future is sound. Revenue growth! I don't see myself ever selling this stock for many years to come.

      • She can't address cash flow. She doesn't understand what it is. She only sees assets, not liabilities.

        Just looked over the results. Barge building seems to be profitable...the rest of their businesses are barely generating operating profit, which begs the question: why bother? Drought coming on the river, the 400K ton iron ore transport customer reneged on their contract, new PSVs no where in sight (wasn't UP Jade supposed to be delivered in December? What is the delay to May). Don't ever hire an indian to build you something...lesson for the day. I need to seriously consider how much longer I am going to take this pain...

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