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  • bonkthegrups bonkthegrups Nov 15, 2012 4:44 PM Flag

    LOL - Bags just got diluted by 80%

    Such a cheap stock huh, and now someone else gets 80% of all the Creamy Upside.

    Not even any shame from management, just "we are pleased" to increase the share count from 30 million to 140 million.


    And bags don't even get the cash - it goes into the company treasury.

    Now bags need to learn about reverse splits. 140 million shares is too much and there are listing requirements to be met.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • I reread your post and you really are a silly #$%$.

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      • Stock trading at 1.50 and we get 220 million cash at $2.00 that will solve the cash flow issues and with a stated book now about $3 per share it will soon trade at book or 1.5x so we go to $3 or 4.50 in 180 to 360 days and over a longer time we may have earnings that will support 5x or 10 x PE and earning have a reason to be there in 2013 and grow The short term risk is on its way out as the deal closes

    • How stupid can you be. Company currently valued at 8 bucks + per share. Do the math you f.....g #$%$

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      • The book value is now $3 and the market is $1.60 The cash come in at $2 any one investing today is buying well below book value and well below the $2 cash coming in. I have work had the past year to bring my cost down well below book value. I believe we will trade at above the buy in of $2 soon and then move up to book in 180 days when we can see earning and if in line with what can be in a steady market then trade up to 1.5 book by eoy or $4.50 Any one that believes this might be the case will buy now. $1.60 to $3 to $4.50 is something an investor should consider. I will be stupid now the last i got was yesterday at $1.32 now $1.60 5000 shares may do that again later in the year if the market lets me

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