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  • hoperalot hoperalot Aug 9, 2006 10:48 AM Flag

    EDAP to do FINE Long term...

    HIFU is a valid, tested, promising technique for treating prostate cancer. Used more than 10,000 times in Europe.

    Three weeks ago had a robotic laproscopic prostatectomy. Doing fine!!! But HIFU is an alternative. Urologist knew of procedure--it is increasingly being used in Europe (England, Germany etc.) and recently was introduced in Canada (Toronto). Currently it is being tested at Baylor, Duke etc.

    As population ages, men will learn more about prostate cancer treatment, and will not want surgery--this technique promises to do wonders with about same certainties of successand fewer complications!! (T1 &2 cancer with older men 70+). Time will bring about acceptance by FDA. It is now in stage 3 testing by FDA.

    The two words are---TIME AND PATIENCE--PATIENCE AND TIME --and this stock will be $20.00+. IT IS NOT A STOCK FOR DAY TRADERS.

    Best wishes all.

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    • Hoper,

      I also had a LRP about 9 months ago. Good news that you are doing well...I can really relate to what you have done.

      Q. Would you have opted for the HIFU over the LRP if it were available or would you have stayed with sugery? I know what I would have done - no HIFU for me, but I am curious about other perspectives.


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      • One more word--I had a robotic "da vinci" process----check stock price of ISRG. It's about $98-$101/ share.

      • No---my cancer was T3a and it is good to get it ALL OUT. I have been in EXCELLENT health--and hope to keep it that way.

        Hospital cost was $55,000 and that doesn't include surgeon's bill. On CC today it was stated HIFU costs @$2800 per procedure.

        However, for those not in good health--not wanting surgery or radiation---and those with lesser cancer problems--the cure rate is as good as one could expect (never 100% in any case) --and side effects with HIFU are said to be very minimal.

        I think HIFU is a step toward presenting an option to the prostate cancer situation to the aging population. MSON is somewhat a competitor but newer to the treatment and not as strong financially.

        Best wishes! This stock is a LONG RANGE buy.

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