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  • hiramhale hiramhale Jan 9, 2013 3:48 PM Flag

    Why don't insiders own more than a pittance?


    Simple question with no positive answer. If they thought for a second that that this was a sure blockbuster, they would be personally compiling big stakes. They aren't. That tells any sensible person all he needs to know.

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    • Insider holdings should be one of least important factors in DD. Insiders are notoriously wrong in both buying and selling their own stock, Plus there are numerous other factors that come in to play that you have zero information on as far as insider buys and sells.

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      • I don't agree with your conclusion that insider buying and selling is one of the least important factors in investment decisions. I certainly would feel more confident in my investment decision to buy a stock if insiders were also buying its stock. Conversely, I would feel less confident in a company's stock if insiders were selling it. I think most stock analysts agree that insider transactions are not something to be ignored. However, the type of insider transactions (e.g., routine planned dispositions or purchases, unusually large transactions, etc.) need to be taken into consideration.

    • They already have this Sonolith-sys and imove approved in U.S. for marketing. They have had the HIFU approved since 2000 in every country around the world, Canada, Mexico, parts of Asia, Europe, you name it. The same with lithotropsy devices.
      People in the US can already use it in two places just outside the country.
      The idea of this working and spreading like a drug is a great one; but it will take YEARS and YEARS for this to work. Reality check. It's not a drug.
      The stock has been going down for years, until some people recently said that this was the next blockbuster.
      I hate to break it to ya; it's NOT.
      But it will be good for Prostate patients in the long term, but as a Stock they have not made a penny per share and in the next two years they will be lucky to make .50 cents a share at best. That is, If they get FDA approved as their first trial failed miserably and they changed protocol for the second mid trial which is a NO, NO.
      They are going to need all the Advice they can get.
      This is a SLOW moving company.
      Do your research.
      Study the warrants, then you may see why the stock is rising right now.

    • Maybe the principals in the company are not very wealthy people and have limited investment funds which are in mutual funds. Don't forget that EDAP stock can be very volatile given the small number of shares outstanding. It may not be a good investment for many people including management of the company. Insider buying is just one of many factors which can signal higher stock prices for a company in the future.

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