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  • sarahleah2 sarahleah2 Aug 30, 2001 1:44 PM Flag

    Accumulate CHKP

    For what this is worth and yes it is a rumour however here it is.

    I have a brother-in-law who married a women who happens to be one of the CHKP exec's cousins. She meets him regularily on holidays. She has stated that there will be a three-fold news brief coming very soon - how soon? I was told within the next 3 weeks regarding newer technology as well as a list of new contracts that will bring their guidance higher for the next quarter and a very strategic acquisition. Although she has not provided me with any concrete evidence, She has stated that several of the exec's have been buying stock and that the stock is expected to turn around soon and race to the $60.00 range.

    I am sceptical that this will happen as emotion is driving the market now as well as September is quickly coming and inherantly it is the worst month.........on the flip side, these are not typical times as we had seen JDSU ROCKET in september a year ago. I guess we'll have to wait and see but that is the news of the day.

    Take a look at the option board for

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    • Saraleah 2 on August 30th you told us about a rumor that within the next three weeks there would be good news ( post 72480). Since then the stock has dropped but three weeks is not over until Sept. 15. Do you still believe the rumor or has another one replaced that? I think this is a great company but all the red makes me nervous. Thanks for any updates.

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      • Shantilouise, to date that is all I have heard but I have been pestering my nlaws for more info. nothing to date. I am suspecting that the HWP/Compac merger may be part of the news but am unsure at this time. I do know however that the entire industry (Security) has been taking a beating over the past 2 - 3 weeks. One in particular is VRSN. EGAD, what a drop and look at today. It makes you nervous, welcome to the club - I have purchased Call options (Jan) however every little slide does not give me a warm fuzzy feeling. I would suspect that most of the market sentiment now is directed at the TRADITIONAL SEPTEMBER - which as all of know is absolutely aweful. I do believe though that numbers coming in (Pre-announcements) will not have the same effect as they did before. I believe that people are just fed up with the FED/Anaylists as the like and will start accumulating very soon....especially if some of the big boys stop Pre-Announcing. When I hear more, I will post it as GOOD NEWS RUMOUR. I know this doesn't provide any concrete fact but that is all I have.

    • "I have a brother-in-law who married a women who happens to be ..."

      Isn't that "women" your sister? what's up? just want to figure this out first, before trying to figure out the credibility of the news you're talking about.

    • Its not that hard to believe. I was talking with one of my friends yesterday who works at AT&T and he says that they are "rocking", just signed on new clients and business is great..
      It seems that computer sales and dot coms are doing bad, but there are many bright spots.
      I think that many institutions (not all) want to drive the market lower..
      CHKP will be at $60 again, although it may take some time, but things are going to change for the better one of these days...

    • when did your brother-in-law tell you this news, was this recently?


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