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  • Schleij Schleij Aug 3, 1998 12:45 AM Flag

    Just the facts.

    Harley has no casting capabilities in house now
    or in the past for that matter. Foundry work just
    isn't one of their CORE COMPETANCIES. This is not
    unusual for a manufacturer.

    The company does
    however machine most of the castings that it buys. They
    also grind all of their transmission gears shafts and
    cams. Thats just the Milwaukee area Powertrain

    York and Kansas City stamp fuel tanks and fenders and
    manufacture all of the frames, swingarms and oil

    Fairings, windshields, saddle bags and side cars are made
    at the company's plant in Tomahawk

    The company does all of their own assembly. All of
    the manufacturing employees are well paid union labor
    who can afford to purchase the products that they
    make. Harley has a high percentage of "value added"

    The company also does all of thier own styling,
    design engineering, testing and development at the new
    210k square foot Product Development

    Now as far as the look a likes aka Titan, Big Dog,
    etc. go, none, nada, zip, zero produce their own
    engines. Most of them use S&S or Edelbrock or Sputhe.

    Imitation may be the highest form of flattery, in this case
    about $500 million per year. Just keep in mind H-D
    raised the bar several notches this year and the
    copycats now have to scramble to keep up. I suspect that
    they may be scrambling for many years to

    JS very long on HDI

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    • I have some friends on the Boston PD who in the
      past have told that they buy there bikes from HD of
      Boston. I'm going to make a few calls to see if I can
      find out were their old bikes end up. I'll let you
      know what I find.

    • It is no longer Cycle Craft, but HD of Boston.
      Mark O'neil is the sales rep in charge of police motor
      cycle sales. I called today but he won't be in until
      Tuesday. The number is 617-878-8888. Mark will know when
      the next batch will be in. The lead on bikes in
      Dallas was a bust. $16,000 for a 1998 Road King with
      5-12000 miles on it, too rich for my blood. Anybody else
      have any leads?

    • I'm from the Boston area and would be interested in knowing the name of the dealership. Was it Cycle Craft? How long ago was this?

    • Check with Harley-Davidson of Dallas. Seems like they always have some used police bikes in their inventory.

    • When I was in Boston, one dealership would get
      the used police bikes. Their last sale was 1988
      models with 19-35,000 miles on them. Price ranged from
      $3500-8500 depending on how banged up they looked. None of
      them smoked or knocked. I don't care how bad they look
      since I can do the body and paint work and some

      Can anyone tell where there is dealer in
      the south that does something similar?

    • You're right to bad we did'nt have H.D. stock
      back even twenty years ago, but it would have been
      good to have bought a thousand shares back in the
      sixties, when it might have been a penny stock. Harley's
      have increased a whole lot in value, the price of beer
      has gone up, the only thing that remains the same is
      the price of riddin in the door of a beer joint,
      nothing to start with. It never has cost me nothin and
      I'd like to have a hundred dollars for every beer
      joint I'd rode in over the years. I mean riddin through
      the front door. The attitudes in the beer joint can
      make a big difference on having a sucessful beer joint
      ride or not. Hope We all make enough to buy a few beer
      joints on HDI stock. Good Luck.

    • In one door and out another without anyone in the
      place hitting your kill switch; otherwise you were
      buying a lot of beer that night. I seem to remember
      things like this happening in a little town in the Black
      Hills years ago before the townies turned it into a
      shopping mall. (But then I remember when sex was safe and
      motorcycles weren't). Bikes were cheap and beer was cheeper.
      To bad we didn't have HD stock back then ha!

    • although i was savin it to pay for my sturgis run...saw-reet, ol lady still in stir anyway...sell her trike

    • Flat tracking is alright but riding in and out of
      beer joints can be a real challenge, depending on the
      beer joint different kinds of obsticles are
      encountered. You may just ride around the pool table
      twice,after riding through the front door, grab a beer off
      the bar and ride out the back door or some drunk
      could try to brain you with a beer bottle. The
      bartender could call the law or try to bounce you, which
      would be hard to do while you're still on you're Hog.
      Beer joint riding can be hazardous, Harley riders
      should be warned I know from years of experience. It can
      be fun though.

    • you're right, except Harley is the one doing the
      imitating this time.
      They've lost marketshare to
      aftermarkets with 96+ cubes and sought to get some of it back.
      Every Harley goes out the door, only to be upgraded
      somewhere else by it's new owner with cam,carb,pipes, heads
      etc. Harley needed to get those people back in the
      fold. It will also not take years for aftermarket mfgs
      to get their stuff together. 9 months should do it.
      Harley does have a jump start, but it won't take long
      for aftermarket guys to catch up. By the time they're
      ready to outfit the Softail, aftermarkets will be ready
      for them. And think about it - if HD increased size
      of engine 10%, how come they only got 8% increased
      horsepower. You can get more than that just by putting in a
      Dyna ignition and new carb/pipes/jets. Don't even need
      to change engine.
      And I own HDI and am long on

      • 2 Replies to akeim1
      • I think HD is doing some catching up with Titan
        and the rest. Walk into the local dealer and the
        price of a bike is $20,000 out the door. Put on all the
        goodies to personalize and your looking at another
        $5-$8000.00. Why not buy the Titan with 96 cubes, trick paint,
        etc. I would like to say that HD is priciong
        themselves out of the market but the showrooms are empty.
        Can it continue forever or will custom builders
        continue to steal market share? I want an EVO HD, but for
        $20k I would first look at used and ground up rebuild
        or build from scratch. Any ideas or comments from
        those who have been there?

        NOTE: With 1 kid,
        another on the way, mortgage, etc, new bike not in the

      • The company could easily put a more powerful
        louder product out in the market, but risk bankruptcy at
        the hand of state and federal regulators.

        you don't know that every H-D is street legal when
        it's delivered to the dealer. What this means is that
        a bike sent to California is different from one
        sold in the other 49 states, which is different from
        one sold in the rest of the world.

        The bottom
        line is that the performance of a box stock Harley is
        because of the fact that it is a legal configuration. The
        federal fine is $10,000 per non conforming vehicle. At
        the production levels that this company is at, it is
        extremely prudent to put legal motor vehicles out in the
        marketplace. Even stretching the limits is an invitation for
        more stringent rules.

        Besides being a well
        managed profitable Company HDI is also, (now comes the
        cliche) A Good Corporate Citizen. No jive just fact.

        Bet Titan, Big Dog etc. can't make the same claim. If
        the government(s) fuck with them they just go tap
        city and leave their share holders and customers
        hanging by the gonads or other body parts.

        pipes save lives" "Really loud pipes piss of
        beaurocrats". Looking out for MY right to ride.

        JS 84
        FXRS best H-D ever made.