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Harley-Davidson, Inc. (HDI) Message Board

  • blankenship_wayne blankenship_wayne Aug 27, 1998 12:57 PM Flag

    what's up with HDI these days??

    What in the world is going on with this stock? I
    have heard no bad news yet the stcok continues to
    plunge these days.. This makes no sense... Does anybody
    have an ideas?? And where will the bottom be??

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    • Sure, we have a seen a *very* significant drop in
      this price of late. If you buy stocks because you
      believe in the company, though, days like these are
      opportunities. I personally just doubled my holdings in HDI
      yesterday (not that I could make a significant dent in Mr
      Teerlinks' position or anything . . .). I'll be holding this
      stock for a *Long* time, and am not in the least
      concerned. If you're speculating in the short term rather
      than investing, though, well, "Sometimes you eat the
      bear, and sometiimes the bear eats you!"

    • Take a look at the rest of the market. Its not what Harley is doing. You can possibly blame Japan and Russia, but not Harley or Teerlink! Every position in my portfolio is being affected equally.

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      • Anyone out there going on the Rolling The Coast

        If so, have you heard of any schedule cancelations
        and/or changes. I didn't know if the weather had scared
        the organizers or not.

        As for the stock, we're
        watching for some kind of move on Russias part to sabilize
        itself, then we're gaoing to by more!!!