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  • FLTRI_98 FLTRI_98 Jun 7, 1999 11:24 AM Flag

    Fuel Injection question NS

    I received answers and experiences from some of
    you regarding the Stage I EFI kit.....thanks again.
    I'm just about ready to go for it but I have a few
    more questions.

    My 98 Road Glide seems to run
    hot when in traffic; this doesn't cause any problems
    now, but I am concerned that the stage I kit will make
    the engine run hotter. Have any of you had such

    I've installed the Vance & Hines touring slip on
    mufflers. Will the dealer be able to callibrate the bike

    Finally, any experience with backfiring?

    All your
    help will be appreciated. Thanks.

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    • Definitely worth it. As far as campsites the
      nearest state park is sequest about 10 miles east of
      Castle Rock. There are some pay to camp places but I
      never used them. Used to live in Longview so it was
      always a day trip for me.

      The old Boy Scout
      summer camp is up there. Unfortunetely it is now about
      75 feet under volcanic ash. Beatiful ride, but don't
      bother spending too much time polishing. The snow is
      still melting and the run-off covers all lanes.

      Have a great ride.

    • Thinking about a roadtrip from Portland to St. Helen's this weekend. What are my chances of finding an open campsite and is it worth the effort?


    • Looked to me like a couple 25k share sells today.
      Check the 1 day chart. Big spike this morning. Still
      holding around 53 1/2. Once these sales are out of the
      way, we're heading into the green to stay today. Still
      looks like some selling pressure.
      If you're short,
      it might be a good time to cover.

    • I wonder if your mother had any kids that lived?
      I see from your post that you're from
      Iowa....figures....One time my girl friend asked me to "kiss me where it
      stinks" took her to Iowa and kissed her. Go get on your
      honda and wave at all the people you pass that are
      laughing at ya.

    • Part of the reason for the recent sell-off
      appears to be two-fold. First, is some profit taking
      after rising from a dip a couple weeks ago, and a
      recent buy rating. Seeing a lot of 10k share sales going
      thru. Second, some analysts stated yesterday that some
      folks are getting called on margins.

      I think
      once this correction is over, tomorrows news passes,
      we'll see the stock go back up. In the past 25 days,
      HDI has closed + 14 days and - 11 days.

    • Like your dad said, Demo Dude( and your various
      Honda names you love to use), it is time you give up
      your job as D.A. in West Bend Wisc. ( Washington
      County) and get your as_ back to the family who loves
      you. The moon shine back home is better than the
      bottles you get as treats from the Wisc. State Patrol (
      aren't you glad your county in Ark. isn't a 'dry' county
      Demo Dude?).Thanks Demo Dude Dad for having the
      charity to allow your he/she son the chance to come home.
      Mean time I'm buying more HDI and MOGN!

    • Can anyone comment on the SE4 Screaming Eagle CAM? This would be for a '99 Fat Boy.

    • Which internet stocks?
      Spoke too soon b4.
      Sellers back.
      I'm thinking things will be a little
      volatile this month. The bears are already spinning what
      looks like a low CPI for Wednesday saying the feds will
      raise rates anyways.
      We'll just need to ride out the
      rainstorm this month. Once the hype is over, and quarterly
      reports start coming out, we'll see things pick back up.

    • Who the hell put a dot com after HDI's ticker. I have internet stocks that has behaved better than this stock after the last few months.

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