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  • slegermark slegermark Apr 17, 2013 6:35 PM Flag

    perhaps it is time for unused margin.

    to be put to work. One thousand extra shares nets an easy 2k profit in three weeks.

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    • For some reason Schwab does not permit margin on WHZ but allows margin on WHX which I am staying away from. For me this is all cash which is good when the unit price goes down like now. No margin call to worry about. Over the life of this trust we can expect well over $20 in distributions and if the price pattern with WHX repeats we may be able to sell WHZ 7 years from now for $8 resulting in a net cost of $5.50 per unit producing close to $20 in distribution. Not a bad return.


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    • Having the 2008 crash still fresh in my memory, a market crash takes down everything as sheeple rush into cash, No margin for me and some dry powder just in case we see a repeat of 08. I have a bad feeling about what I am seeing with commodities and the whole market is looking shaky. Hope it's just something I ate. JMO

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      • Yah, I agree.
        The press overblows the hype when an equity "misses" on expectations. who sets up the expectations anyway?
        A few MLP's reported good earnings after the close. I hope it bodes well for the trusts. KMP increased the dist from 125 to 130. KO also reported yesterday some fairly good results. So there is a countervailing body of evidence to the wishful doomers. We like things to go up, but only according to customary valuation. Many are above prudence and many below.
        If the higher oil prices get reflected here, it should move up 3 points at least by xdividend.

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