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  • plutothecat_17 plutothecat_17 Oct 15, 2004 4:29 PM Flag

    Hecate is a Rare Find

    Every time she posts I find something I like about her Italian cooking while sipping Chianti listening to classical music maybe a little Rossini from The Barber of Seville "Storm Music" while awaiting first snow.And fish her favorite food must be the Aquarius Sign like me.Ortho-That horseradish crusted Halibut is just what I had at Susanna Foos in Philly really a winner.Halibut,Orange Roughy,Swordfish and all Hawaiian fish are my favorites have them 3/week.No deep fried catfish for me.Ortho-I can read your mind maybe meeting at a NOTHWESTERN-WISCONSIN or BEARS-PACKERS game as she sounds better than taking that slow train to Phoenix. Good luck. Check 6

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    • IMO, believe HSP will do well. If this qtr. looks good we could see some upgrades. APPX, came in with good numbers and good margins, if this is an indication of the hospital products group, HSP should do well.

    • It appears that Hospira is doing some inventory management and Just in time (JIT)supply with ICU. Keeping inventories low is a good thing for must have caught ICU off guard!!

    • Ortho,

      Never thought of the e-mail idea. I'll see what I can do later. Have to locate the recipe. I'll give it a try yet today (hopefully).


      p.s. Loved those Badgers and Packers but my Redbirds went down :(

    • Hecate-No that was the USAF Voodoo intecepter with J34.Demon was a great airframe but the first engine by Westinghouse was a disaster then McDonnell shifted to Allison J-71 with burner.Both were all-weather but Demon had Sparrow IIIs & Sidewinders both good missiles but I liked the "Last of the Gunfighters" the F8U Crusader now that was a neat day fighter.Lost a few buddies to AAA in Crusaders coming in low to knock out a stupid bridge! Check 6

    • Plute....

      I first had the Halibut at Commander's Palace in New Orleans when Emeril was still there. Was his signature dish one year.

      Think I'll try for NW game, the bears suck something awful this year and believe Farve will get much revenge for the loss to the Bears in Green Bay. Of course we really don't need to watch the game do we?

      BTW now on Volume 15 Battle of Iwo and Okinowa(sic) of the Naval Battle History of WW II. Has been a very fascinating read. A little technical at times, but great bio's of Admirals, Island Hoping to Tokoyo, evolution of the Fast Carriers and the Escort Carriers,development of first time nite carrier ops, etc.


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      • Ortho-Saw the REDSKINS-BEARS battle of two bad teams on Sunday but enjoyed the WISCONSIN upset of PURDUE more,I think WISCONSIN is smelling the roses IF they can beat MICHIGAN.Having been to Japan & Okinawa several times I felt the history of WWII and the ability of war-torn areas to recover & forgive except in Hiroshima where the memory of nuclear war remains.See where Hecate returned from blazing the snowmobile trails and sure would like to see more photos as she is a very interesting and rare woman one you never thought would live in the Frozen Tundra.BTW-Sunday's NYTIMES Travel Section featured MIDWAY as San Diego's new #1 tourist attraction will go aboard on Thursday and I sure don't need a tour guide.Check 6