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  • just4kicks13922 just4kicks13922 Mar 1, 2005 6:51 AM Flag

    Rubber next?

    First the sale of the Salt Lake plant, is the rubber facility in Ohio next? There were real estate and equipment valuation consultants in just a few weeks ago. Who's next?

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    • Sorry, about the Ashland city. It was the wrong information. You are correct there is still an Ashland plant.
      Apologies. It sounded like a city in NC.
      I just knew they closed the NC plant with little warning.

    • Carrion,
      I guess we can agree to disagree and I will waste no more time petitioning your assistance in ceasing further provocation of the situation. Peace!!!! The Posseyman

    • possey:

      To the contrary, I am absolutely not trying to be adversarial - at least not in general. From my very first posting, all I am trying to do is solicit FACTS. I've copied that first posting below.

      Only in responses from others (who are obviously too close to the situation to be objective) did the conversation begin to degrade, based primarily on the inability of some here to construct a logical reply, let alone a grammatically correct one.


      Re: Rubber next?
      by: carrion_kid 03/04/05 01:04 pm
      Msg: 1006 of 1067

      >> If upper managament had let people do their jobs, then problems could have been avoided, not created. <<

      Your reply proves my very point -- all complaint, no substance. Cite even a single instance where you (or anyone else) was not permitted to do your job. You're a bitter phony.

      BTW, never worked at Abbott or Hospira, and have not had the pleasure of meeeting Mr. Begley, but I appreciate the compliment.

      Posted as a reply to: Msg 1002 by formerhospiraguy

    • Amen! carrion_kid go back to teaching fourth grade english.

    • Dude give it a rest!!! You are obviously trying to be antagonistic, this is rather boring. Every time you start trying to find a new tangent with these people you are the cause of other legitimate questions and comments ceasing. I would like to read the message boards of the stocks I am following without having to sort through all the immaturity. Confine your comments to pertinent events so we can see the input of others that matter from this company.

    • >> sorry for the confusion usually when someone tries to use big words as a shield and appear to be incompentend is usually found on staff or in the corperate offices. now that were not mad any more lets go horse back riding. <<

      Sorry (capital to start sentence)
      confusion. (period to end sentence)
      Usually (capital to start sentence)
      appears (singular form of the verb)
      incompetent (spelling)
      incompetent, (comma to separate clauses)
      it is (correct usage of pronoun)
      corporate (spelling)
      Now (capital to start sentence)
      we're (contraction of we are)
      anymore (one word, not two)
      anymore, (comma to separate clauses)
      let's (contraction of let us)
      horseback (one word, not two)

      14 mistakes in a single, simple paragraph. With 'intelligentia' like you in the trenches, it's no wonder the results are what they are.

    • It was a safety manager. lord help icu if they think of keeping him.

    • sorry for the confusion usually when someone tries to use big words as a shield and appear to be incompentend is usually found on staff or in the corperate offices. now that were not mad any more lets go horse back riding.

    • There was a combover at the SLC plant. I think it was a safety manager.

    • This is just my 2 cents and this is for more than the medical industry. Our current management has let their workforce down, not the other way around. From what I have seen, American workers are second to none when they are allowed to compete on equal terms. If you look at the problems that some of the major companies have had recently, they center around decisions that the management teams have made, not the quality of their workforces. Were the problems at Enron, Motorola or Mci caused by the employees? Were the fines that Abbott has payed recently caused by the rank and file? Now, who payed the price, it was the rank and file. If I'm not too badly mistaken. How many jobs have been lost and lives destroyed? You can try to candy coat it any way you want but it is the worker who has given their all to a company who comes out on the short end of the stick. Abbott complained that they had to contribute 200 mil to the employee pension fund but they never have complained about paying the fines they have incurred in the last few years which make the 200 mil look like chump change. No one is responsible for the fines, just cut jobs to make up the difference and pass out bonuses and options to the management. A lot has been printed about the overpriced American worker, how about the extremely overpayed American CEO? If you look at their pay, American companies, shareholder, workers are being raped by this elitist group that hasn't delivered.

      If I seem bitter,I am. I have seen so many good,honest, hard working people loose their jobs due to the incompetence of our management that it is hard to take anymore. I really feel sorry for and worry about my children and grandchildren's future. What is gong to be left for them? I fear, not much!!!

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