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  • backstabberjohn backstabberjohn Apr 26, 2006 10:43 AM Flag

    watch your back

    Watch your self guys Backstabber will stab you when least expected,Its not slander to write the truch,if they wont tell you in rocky mount what this stabber done to his employee i will. He pulled fuses out of one of the tower fans,disconnected air line to another,this is a billion doller plant he sabotaged equipment to TO SET UP ONE EMPLOYEE to get rid of him, seems like it was a personal vendeta.If this was so important to perform this task weekly,why sabotage.The best part is HOSPIRA LETS THIS TYPE OF VERY DIRTY AND UNDERHANDED THINGS HAPPEN.

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    • put up or shut up - accusations are a dime a dozen. you need to provide proof or go home and whine to someone who cares. if what you say is true, put it up to someone who can do something about it - after all, in a highly regulated environment, there is someone to step in and do the right thing. if it's just smoke, then shame on you and your lying words. there, the gauntlet has been thrown.

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      • Hey, HSP management, is anybody awake at the helm? Ever hear of a pre-announcement. Maybe a little confidence booster to let your shareholders and WS know in advance of earnings that things are looking good? At this point, it is too late. I am just getting tired of watching a good company's stock sink daily while the market continues to set new highs.

        I hope you guys (sr. mgt. team) are behind closed doors right now rehearsing how to share good news with investors on 5/9, how to have an effective investors call, planning out your strategy to stop this bleeding and making plans to share your story/positive results/positive guidance with the analysts.

    • I retired as soon as it was possible to get away from the scheming underhanded practices encouraged by Hospira in how they love how backstabbers work if you want to get ahead in that company just stabb someone in the back and make up lies or twist the truth to have it look like your looking out for the company and you will do climb the ladder. we had one that would sabatage equipment and blame the ones he did not like just like that and hr encouraged it and is with icu still because everyone good left. If I still had HSP stock I would feel like I just jumped out of a plane without a chute, the view is nice but at some time I will hit the bottom.

    • i saw this dirty and under handed thing happen in the old hsp plant in Salt lake city the hr manager had gruges setled using these same things. letters were sent to corperate and they never even responded. this is how they operate thats why they pay fines