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  • hornmaster69 hornmaster69 Jul 11, 2006 7:25 PM Flag

    Any surprises coming on Aug 9th?

    Does not look like a sell off by anyone to me. Some one exercised their options for 73270 shares. Sold 51386 shares in order to pay for the 73270 shares and have enough cash to pay state and federal taxes on the exercise spread. State and Federal taxes of 37% on the 73270 shares with and option spread of $20.70 is $560,000. Purchase cost of the 73270 shares is $1,677,150. That is how options work.

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    • Duh...Its not a matter of how options work...we all know that...its a progressive history of CFO/COO sell off. Why isn't he holding on to them, with the anticipation of a big jump with earnings or over time...No, it is a definite selloff. Question is why?? Does he need the money right now?? Or does he know something the rest of us stakeholders don't??