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  • holidayinnandout holidayinnandout Oct 17, 2008 7:09 PM Flag

    FPL - vote for obama! Why

    How are you using a computer if your electric is turned off?
    Get a job, and pay your electric bill like everyone else instead of waiting around for a free hand-out.

    I have a surprise for you. Obama is not going to take money from "Joe the Plumber" (who works 12 hours per day for 6 days per week) and give it to you.
    Obama is going to take money from "Joe the Plumber" and give it to Acorn and any other programs he wants to support.

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    • Joe The Plumber is just like you! A surreal Caucasian - a fat unhappy slob!

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      • Somebody seems to be bitter :-) :-) Life is tough isn't it? Ha ! Ha ! Well, deal with it instead of complaining about it. Take responsibility for your own actions. Obama is not going to rescue you. Why don't you ask him for some money? His campaign is spending hundreds of millions of dollars on this campaign, the most ever of any campaign in history. Many times more than McCain. It is obscene. Why don't you ask Obama to throw you a few pennies your way? Yeah, right. That will be the day he does that.

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