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  • dar200 dar200 Jul 28, 2009 1:50 PM Flag

    "Poor Wind Resource"

    Yeah, like a bad hair day. FPL had a bad wind quarter. Good thing they don't have solar in Rhode Island. Wettest summer on record so far.

    Not to worry. I have no doubt FPL does their building based on conservative average annual wind speed.

    Lemming selloff like today, imo, is a 5% discount to get into a great, growing (in alternative) company.

    Bought some more today to trade. Big core position, held for years, isn't going anywhere. I just keep on collecting annually increasing dividends.

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    • I'm all for clean energy,within reason, but I was really surprised at their support for the cap and trade bill. Also they seem anxious to buy more business that others went bankrupt on.(because it's tough to make a buck) I was just about ready to invest, but now I'm concerned that this mgmt is more concerned with political correctness than economics.

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      • There will be a cap and trade, a straight carbon tax or EPA regulations on carbon. One of those will happen, if not this year then the next.

        In any of these scenarios, FPL's foresight will provide a hefty advantage over competitors. In Cap and Trade, FPL will be able to sell their carbon credits for a hefty profit.

        Why wouldn't they support Cap n' Trade?

        Having a "bad wind quarter" is no more risky than having a "high coal price" quarter. In this regard, FPL is diversified favorably.

        Somehow, research and investment in energy technology is considered political, while in every other industry it is considered good business.

      • if you have one of the biggest renewable fleets in the country, why wouldnt you be for cap and trade? When you look at the RPS goals of some of these states you want to be in the renewable space one way or another.

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