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    • > Management
      Associates (HMA US) was rated ``attractive'' in new coverage
      by analyst Kenneth R. Weakley at Bear, Stearns & Co.
      The 12-month target price is $16.00 per share.

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      • would hold until then.p.s. i have a high rumor hit rate.

      • There is a relationship. Institutions still
        maintain a 90% position in HMA. Their value has also
        dropped, but let's not kid ourselves. The large volumes
        traded in January are what led to the lower price, and
        the Institutions probably saw a need to reduce their
        positions (take some profits) all things considered.

        The fact remains Institutions still maintain a large
        position and don't benefit from a deminished stock price
        either! So consider this a reflection of liquidity at a
        share price that maintains order, and not at all a true
        reflection of the real share value. Consider this rather an
        opportunity to buy into a company that has a much greater
        value than todays quoted price.
        As for the analyst
        and brokers; they are correct with their favorable
        recommendations, but remember that they are in the business of
        selling stock that they recommend, and make money no
        matter what the trade price is.
        With reduced or flat
        earnings the momentum will remain low, and caution is
        still advised if you expect a quick sustained turn up.
        Flat earnings will not attract enough buyers to match
        the imbalance of sellers, so the trend may continue
        That said, this is a great long term investment
        and the elevator will go back up one day. Question is
        when to get on, and that's up to you. Forget the
        analyst and do some basic DD!