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  • tjsulli790 tjsulli790 Jun 12, 2007 8:46 PM Flag

    Buy and hold this ETF??

    Would this be an ETF that could be a candidate for a buy and hold investor?

    Since this is such a broad ETF my opinion was that this is not something that should be traded daily.

    I'm currently trying to build my portfolio and wanted to add an ETF, one that would be good to hang on to for a quite a while. In your opinion is there such thing?


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    • rlhalbert May 21, 2012 3:39 PM Flag

      Just saw your posting.
      You may want to purchase Forbes for June.
      Page 60 has a article by William Baldwin that recomends investing 90% of your portfolio into VTI and 10% in SEQUX.

    • Investors and investment "experts" who believe that stock picking and specialized mutual funds cannot beat the market recommend a total stock market index (like Vanguard's mutual fund or ETF-VTI) over Vanguard's 500 index.

      I am looking for a short term trading ETF to buy the market on the lows and sell on the highs.

      Anyone know of anything better than VTI?

      Since I am watching daily my own (stock picking) mutual funds and individual stocks, it is easy to keep my eye on the Dow, and sense the trend/direction (but certainly not predict the day).

      If I get stuck in VTI longer than I wanted, I don't think it is a very high risk place to be.

    • You ever heard of those big dudes, like Morgan Stanley, Fidelity, A.G. Edwards and there's a lot more; well, the really good top folks of these stock houses, all own ETF's!

      But keep it a secret, they don't want the peeeeON's to know about ETF's. Ok?

      P.S.: you should have a few more old time ETF's across the planet earth too, and some big one's, some med. size one's and some small one's too. And yes, "hold", then go golfing and cancel your business magazines, newspapers, monthly reports etc. and go golfing!

    • Buy? Very much so but you should do it only if it's a good fit to enhance or fill some gaps in your portfolio. It doesn't make sense if you already have enough large-blend exposure.

      Hold? Also very much so but how long is up to you. Will you hold for a number of years no matter what the market does?

      In my opinion most index ETFs are buy and hold investments with sector or specialized ETFs to be used more for short term trades.

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