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  • Trubbl_maker_m Trubbl_maker_m Nov 20, 2011 4:09 PM Flag

    The SPIN begins

    Good theory. The reality is there is a HUGE percentage of the employees who think WHOMEVER is running the show doesn't know what they're doing...and petty jealosy will take over. And most people will absolutely believe that fellow unionites will automatically give the rank and file a big raise, since they've been screwed for so long. You can't get most these people to agree what time it is, much less who should run the company.

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    • If the vote is approved, which the "secret vote " will be of course, the winners are Burkle , the bankers and the Union Leaders whom have been taken care of to even move this forward. Take a look at all of the union websites and you tell me this is not a DONE DEAL... the only real "turn around" Ive seen is by the Union Leaders not the Company, I would not even waste my time voting since the 'Fix" is in and we the workers have been "sold out" .
      In the long run it really does not matter since when its all said and done, Stop & Shop, Shoprite and others will take significent blocks of stores and the others will simply close. A&P / Pathmark are DEAD CHAINS WALKING