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  • buckup55 buckup55 Oct 27, 2010 7:46 PM Flag

    How to make alot of $ in DYP

    Your comments make sense...unless they have been systematically lying about how much money they are earning and how much cash they have in the bank. If this is just a case of them paying off a bunch of local officials then calling them miscellaneous expenses, I assume that those who did the bribing are worried they will go to jail and have consternation about any kind of reporting because it can get them in more trouble to have their deception on record.

    I have to assume though that if they were misleading in this way on their statements causing DT to question them and then they fired DT resulting in a 50% drop in stock price that the lawyers will have a good case against them and be able to extract many millions for minority shareholders. However, that process will take 2 years to play out and between now and then it will have big surges several times. So the real question is- "were they lying about how much they have earned and how much they have had in the bank all along?"