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  • buckup55 buckup55 Jan 3, 2011 6:56 PM Flag

    People who talked Tax Loss Selling are Amateurs

    It is so funny that there were some meatheads on here who actually believed that tax loss selling would affect the price of this stock. What amateurs! Must be first year investors.

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    • Those who were talking tax loss selling are delusional. There wasn't any significant tax loss selling with DYP. Volumes remained low and the price remained within its trading range. Tax loss selling would have increased trading volume and sent the price lower.

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      • So many fools on this tax loss issue.

        Taekwon, Tax loss selling DID increase volume and it did send the price lower.

        Click on historical prices at yahoo and look at how there has been less volume and less selling in the past few days since the year and tax loss selling ended.

        You will see a large difference in the volume and also that DYP was regularly trading in the $2.70's and below and DYP has been trading higher since, never trading in the $2.70's or less so far, this trend should continue even without news.

        Please do your research and post some supporting facts like I have before running off with brainless nonsense with ZERO facts to support your case. Especially when the facts I present contradict your BS.

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