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  • arhdan9 arhdan9 Apr 16, 2012 3:06 PM Flag

    Trading Fraud Committed Now

    As of 3:00 pm, I still have 1k at $0.16 buying price outstanding; yet the price is $0.15.

    Who have persistently manipulated the price?

    Account: XXXXX
    Action: Buy
    Quantity: 5,000
    Market: US - U.S.
    Price: $0.16
    Order expires end of: 30-Apr-2012
    Special Instructions: There are no special instructions
    Reference Number: **0135
    Status: Open with 1,000 shares remaining
    Order Date: 16-Apr-2012

    Filled Quantity @ Price Fill Time Fill Date
    4,000 $0.16 1:58:00 PM EDT 16-Apr-2012
    1:51:00 PM EDT

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    • Arhdan9,

      You are right. There have been no selling for months. Any selling seems to serve the purpose of manipulating.

      I also have asked SEC to look at manipulation.

      Where there are profits there will always someone who want to get it in "any means!"

      Good luck all.


    • Congratulations Arhdan,finally you have your 1k?

    • I have post detail of my buy order this morning for 5k at 0.15, but have not been filled withi a single share, and yet the price is $0.132 (then move to 0.14) for a total of 1k (roughly 275 shares at 0.13 and the rest at 0.14).

      WTH is going on here. The good sign is clear, we are heading high sooner or later.

      My case against MM's fraud trading is still open with SEC. I have not yet followed with them, but I will.

      Hope it has nothing to do with that idiot Mr. Guo!

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      • I have not got my shares filled yet at higher price.

        See that magic 1 share trading: just amazing.

        Instead of chasing those pitty Chinese around, how the SEC not clear the house here in America?

        Frauds and corruptions are rampant here in the great land of the United States of America.

      • Forgot to say:

        I posted detail this morning three times: one under chick play and one under this threads and the other in a new thread.

        Only the one under new thread got through, but a short while after, it was disappeared for no reason.

        Someone is desperate to deprive my rights!

    • This is interesting information.

      Threshold securities are equity securities that have an aggregate fail to deliver position for:

      five consecutive settlement days at a registered clearing agency (e.g., National Securities Clearing Corporation (NSCC));15
      totaling 10,000 shares or more; and
      equal to at least 0.5% of the issuer's total shares outstanding

      How did so many shares war fail to deliver BEFORE de MW report?


      04/04/2011 MUDDY WATERS REPORT

      04/04/2011 266043108 DGW 187.393 5,49 1028787,57

      01/04/2011 266043108 DGW 76.280 6,03 459968,4

      31/03/2011 266043108 DGW 11.968 6,29 75278,72
      28/03/2011 266043108 DGW 109.917 7,02 771617,34
      24/03/2011 266043108 DGW 53.603 7,22 387013,66
      23/03/2011 266043108 DGW 110.913 8,18 907268,34

    • See the transaction histotry:

      $0.1500 1,000 OTO 14:42:40
      $0.1600 4,000 OTO 13:58:54
      $0.1600 3,850 OTO 13:51:16
      $0.1500 200 OTO 13:33:33
      $0.1412 4,600 OTO 10:44:47
      $0.1412 500 OTO 09:44:56

      That 1k at $0.15 should have been mine.

    • Hi Ardan,

      With such low trading volume I think it just means that there may not be 1000 shares out there for sale at that price. I don't think the MM are really providing any liquidity here, they are just matching up buy and sell orders as they come in. I don't have access to the order book, though, so I can't see what is going on.

      Paul B

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      • Thanks. My buy order does not have any limit on it, so any number of shares which was below my buy price of $0.16 should be matched with mine. But, since 4k fill, I have got none.

        I checked pps trend (I have not followed it for a while) now, it seems the pps was dropped recently to a new low. Someone is indeed interested in "controlling" it. Hope it has nothing to do with Guo or Guo's relation.

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