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  • sohkawetra sohkawetra Feb 19, 2004 1:43 PM Flag

    On The Flip Side

    Change is inevitable. Get used to it. Quit yammering about what happened a year ago already. Elvis has left the building!The "Cheese" has moved so start looking for "New Cheese". Granted, we aren't privy to what the decision makers decide. So What!! We still have jobs and we aren't doing it for free so what's the beef? If you don't like it then do what you can to fix it. Quit adding to the problem, get off 'yer pity pot' start coming up with practical doable solutions and we all just might get somewhere.

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    • Fair enough. No more mention of microwaves. What's your position Dognite? Are you investing in your companies future? Why or why not? I'm trying to get through the forest and reading prior posts is not very helpful unless I'm trying to justify selling.

    • guys are more obsessed with the microwaves than the employees are.just like a director you can focus on only one us this was one minor incedent among many many more.but you cant see the forest because the one tree is in front of you.mabey you shouldnt get stuck on one word but should go back and read all the post's again and mabey just try to understand another does take a lot of trees to make a forest.

    • Come on Spudhucker, sounds like sentiment rather than investment acumen. .. a ton of talented people?... a big order break loose?.. Yeah, Yeah, people are the biggest assett ect., but historically, investors have been rewarded with prudent strategic planning, including staffing. A reduction in the market/staffing in the past has not really hurt the investors. I am looking for growth and just don't seem to see it in aerospace. I realize the history of diversification is less than admirable in this sector, but swings are a part of this business and the street doesn't seem keep prices in accord. I believe in American manufacturing, but wonder why this sector has been such a dog recently, can't blame everything on 9/11, the slump was already in the cards. It's not like dividends are replacing growth. Since TCS seems to dominate this board (unsure why except for a few PO'd employees with computers and a serious hunger (no microwaves and all). If TCS is representative, can they plan to succeede and then execute?

      Fleets are in relatively good shape and I really don't know what percent of TGI is non-comercial. Of TGI non-commercial, what is going to be a hot enough product to ensure growth (components of somebody elses systems?).

      TGI seems like a pretty good aerospace buy, but I have to wonder if the value isn't just a function of growth and aquisition. Can a holding company realistically deal with problems like what we've been reading in this board? Do they have much history here?

    • I think that part of the reason for going with a "hold" is a wee bit of an emotional tie back to these companies (not necessarily a sound basis for financial decisions); but both of these companies still have a ton of talented folks. If something would simply break loose (like a significant A/P order) it could easily start the ball rolling. As long as the companies don't over-react to positive indicators & staff up way too soon.

      I've always believed that a big part of the economic swings in the Aerospace sector is partly caused by the incumbants over-reacting to things (hire too many, lay off too many) which pushes the up-swing past the "real peak" and the valleys past their "real trough".

      One good thing about TGI is that they don't have all their eggs in one basket (e.g. not all Boeing Commercial contracts).

    • Bravo Spudhucker! Sounds like you know quite a bit about the situation. Former TCS & Former Boeing? You holding on to TGI & BA or are you getting alittle frustrated with the aerospace sector? Can't figure my position. Any thoughts on the 2 to 3 yr windows? Not sure I see enough value or growth here.

    • Let's keep Boeing out of this, shall we? We all know that Boeing, as in Corporate Headquarters, did not make the final decision to go with TGI. The final decision was made by the existing Spokane management staff on the basis that existing management would be retained by TGI, somewhat unheard of in a buyout. "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few...or the one" -Spock, Wrath of Kahn, did not apply here. Your managers were only interested in protecting their hides. This in no way implies that TGI is not a reputable company, their track record speaks for itself. And lets not forget how much thanks is still owed to TGI for picking up this plant. Remember, closure was always an option! The facts are that your management team has NO outside business experience, they have not made an investment to assist them in this area (my guess is they don't want pay the salary), and SOME of their actions are quite frankly, juvenile (i.e. a recent trip to a prospective customer, pitching the high level of engineering talent, but at the same time, back home, handing these folks their walking papers). Now there's some real creative sales tactics. From what I've seen and read in these posts it looks as if there are going to have to be great sacrifices made across the board if your plant is going to survive beyond the Boeing contract, otherwise, I wouldn't go out and buy that new toy just yet.

    • Too true.all the dribble here doesnt seem to hurt the co. At all.and all the put downs by the "boss's" doesnt seem to carry much weight either.some people are leaving and the company seems very happy to see them go.problem is, we are losing some really good people.but if it means a better bonus in the short run then they are dog said...if workers were treated fairly and with respect then there is no need of a union.union....we the people unite for better treatment and working just goes on and on.
      as for boo hoo...get real

    • All this is interesting, but ya'll are missing the point of this board. This isn't a workers whinefest, it's an investment board. I don't know if you realize this drivel may be counterproductive. Of course I doubt many investors will take these posts too seriously (if you can't spell Kaizen right, you probably aren't the experts you proclaim to be). I think Boeing made the right decision to sell to an established supplier like TGI. These guys know their business and if everything is as screwed up as you say, somebody will fix it. If not maybe it's time to change some investments. You guys could do a lot worse than TGI. Believe me, they will deal with ineptness in due course. For your sakes I hope they do.

      Composites aren't the hard part of rocket science, other people can learn how to do this work (you did), and for the life of me I wouldn't want to hear your bitching at work either. You say it's bad.... fix it. Oh wait, it's the management not you guys I forgot. I've taken an interest in this board and read every post available and nobody has actually mentioned a real problem or real fiscal information. It's all been vauge inference. How's your productivity? Have you been stable? Improving? Getting worse? (if so it must be managements fault because they were cowering in their cubicles when they saw all the pens clipped to your hats - yeah, that's the way to work together and fix the problems you are encountering.)

      If you have a valid case, make it. I'm sure someone will listen (if not at your plant, headquarters), but if you go down this road be correct. Sounds like your management has it's hands full dealing with you. Maybe the management ratios are too high and the microwave policy is an attempt to show they are busy doing something (I doubt it, I'll bet there was actual abuse somewhere, probably laughed at or ignored when they tried to deal with the problem and this is the only way to fix it - BOO HOO no snacks on the production line, eat your dingdongs at break time).

      It sounds like you are a union shop, hmmm. And the pens are going to scream NO come contract time. I guess I can only say think about it, things are different here. Be careful of contingency planning come contract time. A good job by management on this task could keep the wind in your face for a long time. Podunk is waiting & I'll bet he's able too.

    • how very sad.your arrogance shows up badly in the way you try to twist others words to fit your own feeble ego.we do not come to this board to "whine" as you put it.merly to vent our frustration at the way you "boss's"like to lable everything from your hiding places.i think the main thing lacking in the workplace today is respect.for the workers and up.its hard to come to a place where the "boss's" must use lables like overpaid brats to justify whatever.we work hard and are loyal to our work and each other.this is my first union job.all the other places i worked at didnt need unions.the people were treated fairly and "respected".if you really want to see moral improve then come on out to the floor and learn who the people are and what they do.a little respect goes a long way.
      seems like your trying awful hard to get us off this board.i wonder why!

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