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  • inspectionunethical Jan 2, 2013 1:41 PM Flag


    I wish to remain silent, due to management threatening me. How do you do the right thing. I'am afraid one of these aircrafts are going to crash in flight. You call the hotline no response talk to your manager about the incident only to be be told schedule is more important than Quality. You write a letter to V.P Parker to investigate goes with deaf ears. I don't want to mention name but how do you put on a leading edge on 1478 when manager takes off the tape when inspection, inspects it and the inside rib that joins the inboard leading edge is marked with tapes due to nuts having a problem only covering it up. employee e198671 brought it up to upper management they say his service is no longer rendered When questioning inspection , maybe its because Husband is a Manager and Wife is an inspector second shift! Today FTE has a crack in the spar how is management wanting us to cover it up!

    I will not fly a 747 or recommend a customer to buy one at this time due to safety issues.

    Concern employee

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    • I dont work for the company but for many years i worked as an engineer and QC and production manager ,therefore i found your mssg very interesting,as a result i wanted to share few of my opinions with you.
      1) Keep calm and cool, fallow the company rules and regulations
      2) Always document your findings and look for a proof to verify your claims, for example you could get the pictures of the defective part in question and supplement them with your letter, VP of the Quality Assurance in every company would be glad to know what is happenning in the front lines.
      3)Is there a pattern or is it a one time event? i know 1 is too many mistake in some processes.
      4) Have you had personal issiues with your supervisor?.....KEEP PERSONALITY CONFLICTS AWAY FROM YOUR TECHNICAL WORK.
      5) Be patient ...if there is a serious breach of fuducieary responsabilities on behalf of anyone, right action would be taken, but it has to be investigated and proven and takes time.
      In the mean time you go on with your responsabilities and dont let yourself consumed.

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      • richardfels Jan 4, 2013 11:31 PM Flag

        I'am Richard Fels.
        Out of twenty-eight years, I have never worked for a company like Triumph, I will take the high road and won't say anything negative but give you an example of my three months experience.
        First five weeks told to learn and teach myself computer systems. A retired individual brought back as a contractor Clark Davis took me under his wings and trained me. Sorry to say died a week after his contract ended highest regards.
        Al Taylor was suppose to train me informed that he would not !
        First day using the computer disconnect and took computer key board
        Second day talking on the telephone in the middle of a conversation unplugged telepone in middle of conversation and took telephone
        Third Day asked me to stand up and took the chair.
        Management reponse "That's Al"
        When mentioning to management about safety quality issue informed quote Schedule is more important than Quality" Like I tell my wife at least I can sleep nights

        Richard Loren Fels

    • Manager was Richard Fells,
      A great supervisor, ethical, hardworker and really cared to the success of Triumph. Problem was Jeff Harrell, and Hasting did not want to hear the truth, when he challenged Scott Stucky on illegal build sequence you could see they set him up by moving him from first shift to second shift. We all asked from second shift (employees) from Horizontal, Robots, Drivematics, Skin Panel,Fixed Trailing Edge and first shift Fixed Trailing Edge and FTB to have human resource investigate and do a "ENVIRONMENTAL CHECK" wrote to V.P. Parker only to receive answers with "DEAF EARS". TGI supposedly philosophy and practices they preach are only words.
      Good luck Richard people will appreciate you for your ethics and hardwork your better off working for a company that cares. They will learn one day when these aircrafts fall from the sky. I pray to god that doesn't happen and there are more people like you in this world

      Horizontal, FTB, FTE

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      • PCU Austin, Jeff Gibson ,Richard Fells Manager were present when Al Taylor told Jesse from FTB to take the leading edge out of paint and physically removed the tape that inspection marked, rivet heads not flushed and nuts installed wrong in the rib now covered up on ship 1478. Ironically is was a Spare that was suppose to go to Boeing. Management was informed Jeff Harrel, Stucky, remarked quote " PCU never informed us to build a Spare not our problem" Jeff informed us to ignore Mr. Al Taylor due to being black and supposedly put several lawsuits in against the company. Interesting part is when its all done and over with the QA person who bought off the items originally was not aware of these illegal acts occuring after the fact.

        Concern employees of Horizontal, FTE, FTB

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