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  • eddyfamilyemail eddyfamilyemail May 22, 2008 9:45 PM Flag

    Going to 4 fast

    Fundamentals and volume speak. This stock is fairly valued at 4 but currently everyone on for the ride is getting out taking short gains and few that bought high are selling low. Someone please explain where all the longs went. I'm short on some stocks but buy low and sell high. For example i told everyone to buy BBI at 2.76 as it was bottoming and a week later its up to 3.40 or a .70 gain for short or long term holders. This stock will gain back to 4 fast as the market calms about oil and all short gainers move on. I wish everone who wanted out would just get out first thing tomorrow so the rest of us can watch DENN grow normally with great revenue and debt being paid down fast.

    Now that is how you build a future... long term sentiment is only 5.00 on this stock after it hits 6 and stabilizes back down for now So not great leaps but this stock is finding its new bottom currently before it takes off. I sold out of BBI as I wait for it to resolve some investor issues and hovers from 3.20 to 3.60 until the merger.

    DENN Strong Buy for now...

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    • Anyone want another short trade can sell out of DENN in the 3.9 to 4.10 range and jump back into BBI. BBI has just finished establishing a new base of 3.20 -3.40 so in this range you can buy and either wait for 4.00 (this is what I'm doing) or dump out around that price and get back into DENN as it drifts back and forth. You can short both stocks up and make money. I'm all out of DENN now and going back to BBI since I sold out at 3.5 and buying at 3.30 makes more as it goes up to 4.

      Great ways to make money whether hundreds or thousands its free money till the tax day... ouch i hate paying taxes...

      Sell for now on DENN buy BBI...

      I'll post more to others as needs be...

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      • Thanks for the information. I was going to say something like, "I can pick my own losers, thanks", but I did my DD and did a comparison. BBI looks similar to DENN. Maybe folks are spending the same type of discretionary dollars at both places? I noticed dips in Jan., March and May for BBI in the $2.70 range. I'll keep an eye on it for a buy opportunity. Thanks. GLTA

    • You think you have all the answers. This company will never show profit,because it treats veterans unfairly. Here on Memorial Day, a war-time Marine veteran still has never recieved an apology.Remember,you play the money game,while the workers,sweat for peanuts.You will never see 5, unless they re-orginize. The days of easy $ are over,transportation cost's will kill this corporation. They survive,because of slave labor,and selling off assets. soon,only franchises will exist.

    • Ask anyone here, DENN requires a bit of patience. I looked at 3 other stocks before buying DENN. For my goals, DENN had the most upside potential with the least risk. A pretty safe bet IMHO. Flat-lining in the $3.50 range is better than the $3.00 range. GLTA

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