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  • george_mastroni george_mastroni Mar 10, 2009 2:20 PM Flag

    Re-Invent&Re-Make America-Like Buffet said

    We fell off the cliff! Now how do we react? Shall we act like the greedy little non-believers, that think the capitalist way of doing business still exist,Or do we revamp the entire system, re-regulate the all the checks and balances, the lobbyist got rid off. We must nationalize the big banks, other countries goverments invest heavily and prosper. Listen to our great president, and help him take our country out of this mess. It is by investing in infrastructure,our childrens education, revamping the health system, stem cell,etc. The only thing I see as a bad move is appointing Summers ,Geitner, and others that run the treasury! They got us in this mess! Stop trying to fill in these gaps,with taxpayers money. We own these banks and corporations(like GM) now. I want some money back for all the taxes they take from me. You have not seen the bottom yet,first will be high inflation,more homeless,and crime. Lets band together,forget about greed,and help one another and our goverment- Semper Fi to all that backs Obama. And those thaT TALK BAD ABOUT HIM, lets have a face to face magot. By the way Denny;s will never re-emerge, they are too crooked!

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    • Speaking of clearly never did it either. Your mastery of the English language (grammar and spelling) is so poor, it is an unfortunate testament to the quality of public education in this country. Dude, you might try "Hooked on Phonics."

    • Thanks for posting, George! DENN is up 29% since your 3/10 post. (Closed at 1.30/share on 3/10, and as I type these words it is at 1.68/share). Thanks, again!

    • You got to admit:You are an idiot. People have invested in AIG enough money to buy France. AIG had holdings more than the France GDP.If all that was allowed to go down the drain then what you think will happen to the State of California and NY.All our retirement will be gone.
      If you believe in Obama,just shut the F@ck Up and let the pros do their job.
      As for DENN,IT WILL SURVIVE. Some day you will kick yourself for not buying stocks at these levels.You Have balls?

      • 2 Replies to moneyartistpro
      • Money artist,why name call? You have an opinion,and so do I. You are brainwashed,like many others. By 60,you should of realized this. AIG,is just a shell,for other institutions to insure there risky investments,they figure they could not lose,with AIG backing. And it seems,they didnt. Look,the so called pros, are only helping corporations,that are in the"banking club",not the taxpayers. Look you are missing one equation, the untold story, when they removed the caps on interest rates,the banks get now(20-30%? pay day loans to the poor 200-300%,all the money was taken out of the economy and went into the financial,and wages became stagnet for decades. Try to be more humble,before you pass,old man-

      • He thinks all those countries that "invest" (nationalize) in their banks are prospering. That's a big joke.

        Every other country is having a harder time than the US is right now. Why? Because they socialist states. I know people have come to believe that recessions do not happen anymore, but that is only because of how good capitalism is. Socialist countries live in nothing but a depressions, so there are no good times with which to compare. This is the type of system he wants.

        You are right MoneyArtist, he is a complete idiot.

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