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  • tommystudley tommystudley Apr 7, 2010 4:43 PM Flag

    should have known...

    once i get into something, it goes nowhere. i am the sleprock of investing... i suck !

    i got to ask myself, why don't i short stocks?

    maybe its time to learn how !

    got suckered in on that last buy at 4.60... now i'm angry !

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    • It does look bad when you see the stock fall day after day after day...but then you have to ask yourself why?? The technology they have is great..well it's amazing...perhaps the MM's would like more shares...??? I have been through this so many times where the MM drive the price down..load up and then suddenly the stock jumps huge..they make a killing doing this...The only question I have through all of this is...where are the upgrades...PR's which were suppose to happen..All is SO quiet.

    • The way I played NLST is by putting 10% of my fund in this stock initially and 90% elsewhere. I then took profit from selling the financial stocks and bought NLST shares on every dip. If this thing pans out-I know it will, I would be a very happy man.

    • glennday Apr 7, 2010 4:57 PM Flag

      The game is not over until it is over. Don't be angry. NLST received some sell notice on at least one website today, so it attracted short interest, which generates basher postings. Don't take those too seriously.

      But ...
      1. For about 3 months this stock declined about 1/2% per trading day.
      2. For the last week it declined about 1% per trading day.
      3. Today it declined about 4%

      So .....
      I would like to hear good reasons to continue to hold this stock. (Wishful hopes do not qualify as reasons.)

      If Netlist has any good news and anyone reading this post knows who to call to persuade them to release it, that would be a positive step.

      Thank you.

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      • It is strange that we've averaged more down days than up , since the stock placement was annouced last month. Just don't get stopped out before the reversal. Good luck.

      • There's no advice. Noone knows what direction it's heading from today, perhaps even NLST insider. All of us wish if we could have timed it better so we have a lower average.

        That's the game of investment. If one bought it at 4, 3.8 or even 3.6 and complains, that person is not an investor, just a trader with no skill hoping that the stock will go up with some unknown momentum.

        I have 20K of this stocks, will still hold it because I want to invest. There are more reasons for me to invest than to panic now...I see potential, even though there's no guarantee about it. So it's still risky investment, but the reward is worth it.

        Here are the reasons why i hold at least until it hits 3, with no news.

        + NLST holds some patents that are technologically advanced.
        + There was a rumor that Cisco would use it from So far just rumor, but it's not a non-sense rumor like on this board, it comes from a serious source. It could be just pure rumor though
        + Some investors just spent 16MM buying this stocks at 3.85. NLST must have shown them more potential than they can find on this board.
        + Good percentage of that 16MM is probably goes into mass production. There's no guarantee a/b the success of this production though. Otherwise, i think NLST board of director would opt to go for a short term debt rather than diluting their shares.

        I am holding.

    • The only advice I can give you is never go in large unless you have alot of confidence. I always leave most of my powder dry so I can build a position. If I am right the first time I take the scalp and then go back in on the next pull back with the same strategy. You got in on the top of the current trading range without taking into consideration where it has been. I always keep the 3.25 support mind and want to have funds to add on the last bottom. I think you will eventually recover so either hang on or average down if you still feel good about the stock. Hope this helps.

      I sold too early last time we had a rally but I was up $1 a share from my 3.24 purcahse last time around. I started scaling in again @ 3.67 and not in panic mode because I want more shares. I will add some around 3.25 3.35 range and still keep some powder dry for another test of the lows. If not I will sell around the price you bought at.

    • the shorts are pushing it down and they will have to cover...i bought at just under 4 and at 4.05 to 4.15 and then again betw.3.60 and 3.80...u lose by selling ...dont sell..I have some above 5 will come back...why would institutions buy at 3.85 because institutions could not get enough shs...

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