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  • james141492 james141492 Jul 10, 2010 4:08 PM Flag

    Inphi keeps trying to break the patents

    I was thinking today about hown everything depends on the patents holding up and so I did a search on the net and I find that back on june 9 inphi has filed yet another request for the patent office to reexamine the crucial 7,537,537 patent.

    They have previously filed other request to have this and the other 2 hypercloud patents reexamined by the patent office.

    What they are obviously doing is trying to bust the patents by attacking them from many directions. First try to get a patent
    busted by requesting a reexamination based upon one issue having to do with the patent, and if that does not work then go for a reexamination based upon a different issue, etc.

    I believe this is actually the second (or third?) time they have tried with the particular 7,532,537 patent.

    Anyway I tried to search around and see what has become of this request to the patent office as well as what has become of the request inphi made back in early may to have all three hypercloud patents reexamined. No luck. Im either not searching the patent office site correctly or the info is just hard to find or something.

    So I thought I would pump the board for info. Anybody know if the patent office has accepted any of the inphi requests to reexanine any of the netlist patents? If so is there any certain amount of time that they are required to complete the reexamination in or is it just whenever they get the job done?

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