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  • panalta2000 panalta2000 Jul 25, 2010 5:18 PM Flag

    Can anyone give insight into potential GOOG settlement?

    Is there likely to be significant cash settlement paid to NLST, or just an agreement betweenNLST and GOOG on the technology?

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    • Forget about all your arguing.. The current market cap is $73 Million. If they settle for $100 million, then Netlist will receive a check for 150% of the current value of the company.

      What I want to know is what this publicity is worth...... You can't buy that publicity.. If Google settles for $100 million, this stock will rocket to $10/share easily on momentum.

    • Google has over 500,000 servers. If just 2% of these servers are found to violate NLST patents, at a cost of just $4,000 per server, that is worth 40 million dollars right there. 40 million is a low estimate. That also does not account for treble damages which would probably triple the base award.

      I think the final settlement will be over 100 million.

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      • Dude, no offense, but YOU ARE RETARDED. Why would the settlement be based on the value of the server? The settlement or court finding (if in the favor of NLST) would be based on the value of the memory content in a GOOG server - or more specifically, the value of NLST's technology within a GOOG server. Since a server sells for perhaps a couple of thousand, and memory makes up perhaps 20% of the cost, and the value-add of NLST's technology is some % of the memory, you are speaking of a much lower number.
        However, the 2% of GOOG's servers that you reference is a number that is similarly pulled from your #$%$ (I would suspect NLST's technology is either relevant in many/most of GOOG's servers or basically none), therefore we are talking about a lower dollar value from a significantly higher number of servers.
        Anyhow, before you post, think about your assumptions...just trying to educate you.

      • I would hope they take as much cash as they can get. GOOG would steal this tech if they could and NLST best not trust those dogs.

        NLST can kiss and make up with GOOG, but take 100M when they can. GOOG has bought as much time as they can to try and come up with a defense to duplicate or steal this technology. My recommendation is to take as much cash as they can and tell GOOG to behave themselves or the Mode C gets turned off!

    • I can't see NLST doing a handshake if they get the decision which I believe is more likely than not.

      The Metaram settlement didn't add to the bottom line and no comment on TXN. Based on other recent cases, pretty sure that a win could result in a $100M judgement.

    • Anyone here who says 1 way or the other is just guessing.

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