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  • moneybaloon moneybaloon Sep 16, 2010 5:33 AM Flag

    update on the various court cases 6

    Quoting vic:

    >> - the only thing SURE about the patent reexamination process is that the process is LONG - for "real cases" (i.e. where patent owner is active) the time to final decision is 6 years or more with VERY FEW actually having made it through the whole process <<

    1) I don't think there are enough cases to statistically consider hard cases a very LONG process.

    2) Are you familiar with some of these "real cases"?

    3) Although patent '386 seems pretty complex in my layman eyes - with over 40 pages of well documented publication and references, GOOG partial claim for invalidity has to do with "obviousness", meaning that any know-how subject matter engineer could have come up with the idea. I think GOOG 5 references of prior art would be easy to tackle.

    BTW, NLST has referenced all of GOOG references in the next 2 continuation patents - which makes me think that it is well aware of the documents which it used in the following patents.

    I recall seeing a comment by USPTO granting NLST 2 months to respond, after which it allows GOOG another 1 month to respond. The process is interactive and can continue for sometime.

    However, I don't think it will take 6 years to complete. Technology moves fast, and NLST HyperCloud version 2, addressing INTC newer electronics is an additional progress in development - with possible more IPs in the process.

    GOOG will have to weigh in the overall cost of developing similar memory technology for INTC new platforms and producing it knowing that litigation with NLST is still on the ballot.

    If GOOG were a good poker players, I can see why they are using the current delaying tactics as long as it doesn't cost them much. But playing ALL-IN with no cards in their hands is different issue.

    They would be much better off, settling with NLST or offer to buy them alltogether.

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    • Yess, that's the guy-Gervasi..knew the name ended in an i..I also confused USMod with SMOD..glad he's not at SMOD formulating their NLST counterattack..tx Vic..

    • SMOD PR should have been phrased:

      today announced that the United States Patent & Trademark Office
      ("USPTO") granted its request:

      to re-examine and invalidate two Netlist patents related to "rank multiplication" technology
      associated with high density registered DIMMs that support the high growth server market.

    • I own a small amt of lqmt at .36 wish I had bought more........

    • I have to admit I don't believe in Chuck Hong at all. How many times can one person say they have qualifications within specific time frames and then totally blow it? His forecasting skills suck.

      I'm totally out of NLST and took a HUGE loss on it because I was stupid and didn't have stops set. When it was $3.80, I thought the most it would fall to was maybe $3.00. When it was at $2.89, I thought that was the bottom. Then it continued..

      I am playing LQMT now. My cost average is $0.63/share. I honestly think this stock will have major legs in the future. Hopefully before NLST does. If I make back what I lost on NLST with LQMT, maybe I'll jump back in a little. With that said, I'll keep my eyes on this but I don't think anything will happen in the short term except for more of the same.

    • Well, Netlist sure took the current portion of this facility to bottom line last qtr and it's there as last gasp c/f. They factored their receivables to get this LOC, among other things.
      My sentiments here: hold what you got, and then buy more after mid Feb CC. You don't want to buy here, esp with overall mkt now under pressure and small/ microcaps getting crushed as we speak.
      This board needs a little non-pumper intellectual honesty about Netlist prospects. Did you see what happened to PMCS last Fri?? They missed EPS by a penny, downrevved next Q fcst and sold off 12% in one day. Not good, esp w/ Nlst flat top line growth , 11m, q4 2010 to Q1 2011.
      2.12 near term bottom, just like I said, but could go below 2 easy, in next 2-3 weeks..

    • thank goodness there's only 3 sentiments you could have or wedge would display all of them..

      and probably on a minute by minute basis....

    • agreed john

    • so wedge you posted a buy on the 29th now it is a what is it? and you are forgetting maybe not about the credit order to produce and get their product to the market and sell and make are leaving this part out

    • 14.7m cash/ equiv last qtr and burning 2.2m every 3 mo. Assume 14.7-2.2m this qtr= 12.5m left. 12.5/ 2.2/qtr is ~ 5+ qtrs cash fuel left in tank. Middle of this yr key unless USPTO comes thru..Out of cash middle of next yr..

    • Every qualified investor and analyst that follows the company closely is expecting large losses for the quarter, since all DRAM companies got creamed last quarter. That's why the stock 2.20 instead of 3.20, so those results ARE fully reflected in the stock price already. Good news is DRAM prices are picking up steadily now. This is a HyperCloud/NetVault play- like any truly new product in the memory space, there are hiccups and delays. OCZ sat in the pits w DRAMS for 3 years and a 2 dollar stock until they got the SSD product moving at which point they dumped DRAM entirely. Their stock has risen from 2 to 9 past 6 months. We could get the same results in NLST stock w HyperCloud, but Hong and company have to keep their foot on the gas looking forward here.

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