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  • notoriousbono notoriousbono Oct 20, 2010 4:26 PM Flag

    still no revenue, no profits, just prs

    i mean come on

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    • Over reaction just like the patent PR. It will retreat. It's a good swing trade though. NLST needs to generate revenue and earning.

    • Why don't you go to PANL board, for instance?

      They don't have any revenues to speak of, and trade at $1B? (And this is one of hudreds stocks which are no different).

      BTW, I own PANL since it was $9.

      If you don't have any clue or understand anything about technology, I suggest you either find some business you understand to invest in - or just listen to people who do understand.

      NLST has a game changing technology. It's only $80M stock.

      And it has also all the ingredients to become very profitable. Just look at the companies it's surrounded with.

      Practically, all the biggest server manufacturers in the world - are in a process of qualifying its HyperCloud technology.

      And we're yet to mention NetVault - of which it already sold over 1 million boards of the old version.

      Don't names like DELL, HP, and others (AAPL used to be a customer too where they were selling commodity products) tell you anything?

      If you think being a one-dimensional minded investors is going to make you money in the stock market - you really should look elsewhere.

    • Are you that stupid, or just pretending?

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