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  • cherk_on cherk_on Jul 15, 2013 6:51 PM Flag

    The most important statement from the PR

    While 32GB HyperCloud being qualified on HP's ProLiant DL380p Gen8 is very good news, the most important statement from the PR is:

    "HyperCloud® utilizes Netlist's patented distributed architecture which is being broadly adopted by the industry for DDR4 LRDIMM."

    Read that line carefully again!

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    • From today (7/29)'s PR is about their patents related to hybrid memory. In the PR is the following comments: "...hybrid DIMMs are being adopted as standard DDR4 memory for all servers."

      Is that a clue that NLST's hybrid memory IP is also included in the DDR4 spec???

    • we will be delisted by years end!

    • Yesterday's PR is related to the patent associated with distributed data buffer memory module architecture.

      Look at the following for clues to see it's used in DDR4 LRDIMM:

      1. Google "IDT Announces Industry's First Complete DDR4 LRDIMM Chipset":
      "By instantiating nine data buffers across the bottom of an LRDIMM with a single RCD in the center, up to 16 ranks of DRAM can be reduced to a single load (as presented to the host controller channel). This distributed approach minimizes stub lengths and physical skew between data bits and drastically improves the speed and bandwidth performance of LRDIMMs in multi-slot systems. "

      2. Google "Montage Technology DDR4 Data Buffer":
      Take a look at the picture in the article. Note the placements of the "DB".

    • yessssss

    • Today's PR, "Netlist Appoints Former Broadcom Executive Noel Whitley as Vice President of Intellectual Property", is another clue that it's going to be all about the patents and licensing!

    • Surely it's not a coincidence that the loans from Fortress Investment Group closed right after this PR.

      Just to recap:
      - 6/3/13: Netlist Prevails Over Smart Modular in Patent Case
      - 7/15/13: 32GB HyperCloud qualified on HP / world's best-selling server
      - 7/18/13: New Financing From Fortress Investment Group

      Future news I'm expecting include:
      - Official new on patent licensing related to DDR4
      - Patent re-exam decisions
      - Patent settlements from Inphi and/or Google
      - NVvault / EXPRESSvault related deals or revenue numbers
      - Hybrid Memory collaborations / partnerships

    • Accumulation is the word.

    • In previous PRs/CCs, the following statement or something similar are include: "The steady issuance of new patents, the USPTO’s continued validation of claims under reexamination and increasing citations of Netlist patents by industry leaders such as Micron and Google..."

      'patent citations' -- 'adoption', a couple of big names thrown in there... key load isolation patents in last stages of re-exam with all claims in confirmed. Is the picture getting clearer yet? Does anyone still really doubt that NLST's patents will be used in DDR4?

      Don't forget about NVvault / ExpressVault! That product line and related patent alone is worth more than the current NLST market cap.

    • "HyperCloud® utilizes Netlist's patented distributed architecture which is being broadly adopted by the industry for DDR4 LRDIMM."

      Yes, hypercloud uses NLST IP.
      Netlist's patented distributed architecture which is being broadly adopted by the industry for DDR4 LRDIMM"
      Embellishment as usual by a desperate CEO and CFO.
      No, the industry has not acknowledged this. Please cite any, any one legitimate source that confirms this. Analysts? Trade sources? SEC filings? Hong is bs ing again. This 32g for HP was expected last year, and not just for one machine.

      Hovering and closing over 1 buck for the next 8 or so days to avoid delisting is not a major milestone. Wait, maybe for Netlist, it will be.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • who u callin a PR

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