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  • cpa38 cpa38 Aug 18, 2001 11:18 AM Flag

    You people are NUTS!

    what a disappointment. you led me to believe that you cruised the divorce court records and found some juicy, entertaining stuff. come on, "rumor has it" .... and I saw court records ... don't jive.

    We need to be entertained.

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    • entertainment - that is Luke

      now lets see how the rumor goes ...

      Luke owned this VDI thingie when the divorce went through ... in California ... menas his EX owns half but the asset can't easily be sold and there ain't enough cash to cover it so ... much later when the asset is sold half goes to the EX ... the EX doen't get shares just $$ when shares get sold ... Luke puts his shares at a broker and uses them to cover a margin account ... wow he just made his EX loan him a pile of cash wow ... he plays day trader ... lousy at it but any profits are 100% his ... lets say Luke may not like the EX more than a pile of cash he'll never be able to spend ... he gets this fantastic offer for his shares ... dang he'd have to cut the EX a check if he accepts ... he still gets a nice fat juicy salary plenty for the trophy ... guess what he doesn't sell ...

      that enough entertainment for you?

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