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  • mfel44 mfel44 Oct 30, 2013 10:03 AM Flag

    BLACKFISH was nomiated by the biggest DOCU award, the one that pics the oscar

    blackfish was nominated yesterday for documentary of the year, with the documentary crowd

    this award usually predicts the oscar winner and nominees

    black fish will most likely win this and the oscars!

    this award season which is just underway, is going to see rooms full of active caring celebrities . like leo, like brad, like johnny... who will watch blackfish win and represent all season the message of freeing tilikum and captive orca...

    the PR nightmare that is about to come for SEAS is going to be awful.

    when blackfish wins the oscar , billions world wide will tune and watch the documentary in , the jump in views will be viral

    SEAS is going to have go out and against the award crowd, SEAS is going to be massacred btwn now and the oscars.

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    • where is leo or brad on this issue?

      orca captivity is right up leos alley. young people would love him even more if he stood up for tilikum...

      a movement is coming bc blackfish is that good a film.

      i think its craft actually makes picture of the year . and documentary of the year...

      it plays like a thriller, and is the most amazing piece of film making put thru a lens in decades....

      the bravery of those trainers to speak out for the love of the orca... and their own safety is what america is all about. to the days of Sinclair lewis

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