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  • jbpsb1 jbpsb1 Nov 14, 2013 12:31 PM Flag

    SEAS "management" says false and misleading"

    Finally word from the morally bankrupt "executives" .

    But what is False? Does SEAS NOT kidnap young Orcas separating them from their families? Does SEAS not deny them food in order to perform in front of naive public putting millions of torture dollars in SEAS bank accounts. Does SEAS still not force these beautiful, highly intelligent animals in tiny concrete pens so small they cannot even turn around for hours and hours? Do all these barbaric actions NOT lead to the Orcas slowly going insane and trying to kill one another or their "trainers"?

    SEAS "management" is so cowardly they only can resort to very narrowly written statements as they know that I if they did real interviews, they would have no answers to their embarrassing actions and defense of those unethical practices.
    Down big today but don't know how soon this will take to bring them to their knees but I do know eventually there will a day where SEAS will no longer be able to get away with TORTURE FOR MONEY as we all know now the secret that SEAS has been trying to keep silent for all these years...jbp

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    • Their reputation is in the toilet. When Blackfish wins an Oscar it will be all over for SeaWorld. Seaworld is not cool or fun anymore. It's not entertainment it's cruelty and abuse. Very few will be able to enjoy these shows anymore knowing the truth. And word is spreading like wildfire. Social media has destroyed this cesspool of a company.

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