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  • andevenabs andevenabs Aug 14, 2014 12:22 PM Flag

    Serious question for Seaworld haters.

    IF what Seaworld does is so reprehensible, what does this say about all zoos, animal parks, aquariums and parks that feature dolphins? (I won't bring us circuses, because I actually think their treatment of elephants is beyond the pale.)
    If we are to stay consistent with the Documentary's premise, shouldn't we close all zoos, animal parks, aquariums, and outdoor marinas?
    The director of Documentary is on record for saying that these animals should be in the wild, where "they often swim 100 miles in a day"
    Well this is true with just about any large animal that lives in the ocean.
    What about the gazelle or lion at your local zoo, what about this captivity? What does this say about our relationship with Animals altogether? What about dairy farms? Ever been to one? That's captivity if you ask me.

    I'm not really sure what the answer are, but it sure looks to me that Seaworld is being singled out for this hatchet job.

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    • you think the animal nutters are rational? they do think all zoos are evil. they think eating animals is evil. they think animals are more important than people. they're nuts.

    • Do you think cows were born so we can eat them........same for chicken, etc.
      If only ONE animal could talk......... we would all be vegetarians, no zoos, no animal "parks", etc.
      In other words....if animals could talk..........we would all be in Heaven. :o)

    • It all says the same thing. Man's arrogance is out of control. No creature was created for man's amusement!!! NONE!!! They all need to be shut down by one method - NO ATTENDANCE!!! Anyone who finds pleasure in the caging, manipulation, torture (as they cannot be what they were created to be) and exploitation of any of God's creatures is going to hell. No "I'm sorry" will do. Be Sorry and Stop!!!

    • I don't have all the answers. I think this issue requires a little time and effort to understand. With regard to zoo animals, some would ask us to consider that life in captivity is experienced differently by terrestrial animals (elephants) than it is experienced by large ocean-dwelling mammals (orcas).

      I recommend Googling and reading a paper titled: "Killer Controversy: Why orcas should no longer be kept in captivity" by Naomi Rose Ph.D. Her paper is only 11 pages long and it is packed with information. Then read "Death At SeaWorld" by David Kirby. A longer read, but worth it because you get so much history, information, and research in one place.

      People are angry at SeaWorld because they wave the banner of "Education" and yet they lie, deceive, distort, and distract while building a corporate narrative that suits themselves. They wave the banner of "Conservation" and yet they have helped to reduce the population of orcas in the wild today.

      SeaWorld's worst enemy is an informed public.

    • picking a fight w/ CAL OSHA bu·reau·crats is the wrong tree to bark up. Those guys are relentless.

    • It really doesn't matter what we think. The fact is, the SeaWorld brand is forever tainted because of this publicity. This is not a very attractive investment by any means. When it comes to entertainment, branding is everything.

    • Serious Answer. PC crackpots don't deal in subtle or nuanced thinking. They can't answer your question if it distracts from their premise. Of course you are right, it is a hatchet job and Seaworld is being singled out because it is easy for them to do. I think these are the same people who urged me to watch the "documentary" film last election "proving" Obama would turn the US into a Muslim country by 2015.

    • why won't anyone answer my questions.

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      • One victory at a time. This has enough high profile to now start, for maybe the first time ever, addressing the point you make. My bet is you will see movement now that a company who makes its money by animal torture is brought to its knees and may go under. A powerful message that can be used to pry open the cages of others. A true paradigm shift is occurring right in front of our eyes..

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    • Andevenabs, part of the problem is that killer whales are such large and intelligent animals, that it is impossible to even remotely create a satisfactory environment for them to live, its like spending your own life in a bathtub -- I think you would go nuts. If you pay close attention, you can sense the stress and desperation in these whales. Some zoos, while far from perfect do a satisfactory job of caring for animals. The San Diego zoo for example, gives its elephants quite a bit of area to roam, and its much easier to replicate a real wild environment for an elephant, plus these creatures are very social and under the right circumstances, build real relationships with people. You can tell my looking at an elephant if it is depressed, stressed, or content, and many elephants appear content at the San Diego zoo.

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      • OK, I can work with that premise. So if the animal is small and unintelligent, we can place it in captivity. So this means we should free all dolphins, elephants, sharks, primates, most large cats, bears, owls and any other smart animal I can't think of.
        The point is this witch hunt opens a pandora's box of questions about how we view our relationships with animals.
        Maybe we should go as far as making it illegal to own a dog or cat. Of course, we'll have to re-examine the entire animal husbandry industry. If anything, the problems there make this Seaworld story seem absurd.

    • Well zoos for one don't drug there animals with anxiety meds. They also don't blast loud rock music at sound sensitive animals and make them perform unnatural tricks. SeaWorld is a horrible place and I hope they change.

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