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  • richwhiteboys2 richwhiteboys2 Sep 25, 2010 11:03 AM Flag

    Jefferson county alabama

    Thanks, AWK for sending Young down to collect 2 million dollars from the residents of our county. The bank of new york is demanding payment and they got Young to be the bag man. The county is forced to pay this duke ahole 2 million dollars or 500 dollars an hour, dam hiway robbery. The banks have robbed the country blind and now they are robbing the poor citizens. They need to investigate the bank, they have already recieved settlements from some of the other parties. A lot of politicians are in prison due to this, now it should be the banks turn.

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    • Sounds like wall street is trying to get hold of the 260 million in cash that jeff co has in reserve. Now we see the real reason for the stalin like tactics of Young. Grab the money and hand it out to the boys in the hood, at wall street.
      What a joke this is, wall street commits fraud and still wants the money!

    • The wall street thugs trying to grab 250 million dollars of county cash to give to the white overlords at wall street. A jury of local Jeff county folks need to decide this afer wall street pays 6 billion in punitive damages for fraud. The white duke college boy the white wall street crooks, and the white yankees taking our freedom

    • The banks and wall street committed fraud, payoffs, gifts, etc. The people can't get a free loan from the federal reserve like the crooks at wall street to cover their losses.

      Corporate facism with corporate mandated taxes to support wall street crimes. The 2 districts in Birmingham that pay the most for the corporate crime sewer ripoff are the poorest districts.


    • Your Boy Toung is saying we the residents need to pay more for the sewer that the banks and bonds folks built with fraudulent money. Nice try yankee carpetbeggars wall street thugs. Hide behind some flunky and force the middle class to pay. FRREEEEEEDOM. The AG of the cities need look to into this not some cartbagging flunky. The people will be in the streets and bring down the evil wall street thugs.

    • Here is a recent article.

      "Johnson, a Russell County judge who is hearing the case, denied motions by the defendants that argued the ratepayers did not have legal standing to pursue their claims.

      The lawsuit seeks to have current sewer rates ruled unreasonable and reset to reasonable levels. It also seeks to void the complex financial arrangements the county agreed to, charging that the deals were tainted by fraud."

      Yea the banks don't want the people who pay the bill to have a say. If a contract is made under fraud and illegal actions the contract is voided. Punitive damages are due. The banks owe the ratepayers 3.9 billion dollars, for illegal contracts. Seems like the banks want to put their puppy dog from AWK in there and make us ride in the back of the bus, in this case make us pay illegal rates.

      Time to ride the bus, and sit up front, and collect rainwater.

    • The banks need to stop playing the race card. US currency is not green. It is not a race card it is a fact, wall street, the banks, and the crooks, need to understand the facts. The people will not pay, nor bow down to the crooks. Marches and and peaceful protest will occur. The right of the people to peacefully assemble is a right, the banks will never take away. The banks have committed the fraud, the lies, the bailouts and the exploitation of the races.

      Happy MLK Day!

    • Seems the civil rights commission needs to get involved. These sewer rate are affecting the poor and the black at a higher rate than the rich folks in Vestavia. The sewer bill is as much as a house payment for some black folks.

      This white dude getting 500 dollars an hour, if a brother got that, the white folks be screaming like pigs. What the heck, the courts gave some white dude in NJ 500 plus expenses, dam.

      Time for Jesse Jackson, the NAACP, the SCLC to get invoved. These banks like JP Morgan already admitted guilt but the big white northern banks still want to rape the poor southern whites and blacks.

      If this had been a black owned bank they all be in prison now, but sense they are northern white aristocrats they can take a poor widows money. Setting up a 30 million dollar help fund is outrageous. Need to send the banks to jail and pay trillions in punitive damges.

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      • This makes me sick, having some rich yankee dude come from the north get paid 500 dollars an hours to figure out how to solve the mess the banks caused. Hey dummmy, the banks and bond companies have have settled out of court many times and admitted to criminal misconduct.
        The banks should be paying the citizens of Jefferson county punitive damages! We don't need a greedy dummy Yankee moron, we need a grand jury to toss the banks in jail! I am not paying you a dime. Freedom from tyranny, Freedom from dmmys like you. Long live the constitution and bill of rights!

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