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  • dmesshian dmesshian Aug 23, 2011 12:47 AM Flag

    Sales force?

    Optimism abounds here, like it should, eh.
    However, if this product was about to explode on the aesthetic market like all of you are hoping and predicting, how come all the BIG guys on the block are not even sniffing at this LaViv process.

    Allergan even drove by the FCSC offices in PA to purchase a privately held concern with a product in stage 2 development.

    Now this tells me, the BIG DAWGS' eminent scientists in R&D have checked this Laviv product out and deemed it not worth the money nor effort.

    If Laviv was going to be a factor, you figure one of the BIG 3 wrinkle filler players would have bought in by now, to get the upper hand on the other two. You figure the current market cap of FCSC is pennies to the BIG players.
    Yet, we are seeing what amounts to a HUGE snub! They just don't see any upside to the product.

    Wouldn't you agree?

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    • ah dmess, you provided some entertainment to an otherwise boring wait at the airport. i clicked on your history to see just who the new basher is, and wow you forgot to change your alias before posting on the allergan board.
      so here's your post:
      Allergan cure for baldness stealthily but, steadily moves along.
      Success with this treatment has the potential to be HUGE and very lucrative for AGN...

      I have my fingers crossed because I could be a highly motivated user of this product.

      now it is clear to me. you are partial to botox and afraid laviv might cut into your agn market, and you're bald to boot. maybe if laviv can find a way to grow your hair back, you might convert??? lol. thanks for the entertainment!