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  • spliff4joy spliff4joy Aug 31, 2011 1:04 PM Flag

    LaViv's 3600/4000$$ - Extortionately Expensive**

    At these prices, FCSC management has priced Laviv out of the facial aesthetics wrinkle filler market.

    But they have no choice 'cause the manufacturing cost of Laviv is expensive and even at these estimated prices, it will be difficult to generate a reasonable profit.

    The pre-payment of upwards of 70% will create HUGE "sticker shock" and customer resistance.
    And with our understanding of human behavior, the GRAND majority -- (98.5% to 99.9%), of folks visiting doctors, contemplating Laviv will opt for "Allergan's Botox/Juvederm" combo.
    Allergan's products are "lighter" on "the ever-cost-conscious" facial aesthetic customer's pocketbooks and, can be "conveniently" delivered on the spot.

    So the customers demand will be met by the doctors and clinics all across the U.S., however; the products used to satisfy that demand will be terribly disappointing to all you FCSC longs.

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